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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Supplier Diversity Program help MBE/WBE businesses?
A. Once you register you will have access to information sessions on procurement opportunities, networking receptions with purchasers, small business seminars and workshops, and referrals to financial services.

Q. How can I learn about potential procurement opportunities at Fifth Third Bank?
A. Once you have registered with us as an MBE/WBE, you will be contacted if we have a need for your product or service. You may also want to attend networking sessions and other opportunities available to meet Fifth Third Bank procurement personnel.

Q. What general criteria are reviewed when selecting a supplier?
A. The criteria we use to select a MBE/WBE supplier are the same criteria we use to select a majority supplier. This includes the ability to offer a product or service that meets our quality, price and service requirements.

Q. I am certified as a MBE/WBE. What is my next step?
A. If you are interested in applying for registration in the Supplier Diversity Program and have evidence of third party certification as a MBE/WBE, register with us at www.Bid53.com. This portal enables us to become familiar with your company's background, capabilities and adds you to our supplier database.

Q. Does registration in the Supplier Diversity Program ensure that I will do business with Fifth Third Bank?
A. No, but it lets us know that you are interested, and it helps us try to match up your services with our needs.

Q. How will Fifth Third Bank purchasers of my product/service know I have registered?
A. Once registered, your Vendor Profile will be added to our procurement list. The information you provide will be available to purchasers within Fifth Third Bank. Visit www.Bid53.com regularly to keep your information current and to get updates about our needs.

Q. What if I am registered but have not been contacted for a procurement opportunity?
A. We may not have an immediate need for your services at this time. When an opportunity arises, the purchasers will contact you. You also are welcome to contact Stephanie A. Smith, V.P. & Director of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion, at (513) 534-3395. She may be able to put you in touch with purchasers of your product or service offering.

Q. How long will my company's profile be maintained by Fifth Third Bank?
A. Registration with the Supplier Diversity Program is in effect for two years - bookmark www.Bid53.com so that you can find out about opportunities and keep your contact and service information current.

For more information, contact:
Stephanie A. Smith
V.P. & Director of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion
38 Fountain Square Plaza
MD 106GA6B
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263
(513) 534-3395