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The Bank’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen begins with Fair Lending and Responsible Banking. It’s an essential financial platform that informs and guides all of our work to positively impact entire communities through a broad range of programs and efforts.

Fair lending and responsible banking permeates all aspects of our product development, product enhancement, marketing efforts and policy governance. From this strong foundation, we can responsibly deliver financial products our customers need. Our department of Fair Lending and Responsible Banking provides key oversight to ensure that our complete product and service suite is accessible to all market segments and also that the right types of products and services are being made available.

We recognize that we do not always get things right; however, we are committed to being better listeners and providing better solutions. We take customer feedback seriously and strive to address concerns quickly and effectively. Valuable insights gleaned from active listening to customers and communities are used regularly to address root cause issues and to improve services so that customer experience is continually enhanced.

We establish consistent policies and practices that foster fair treatment by proactively working with internal Bank partners so that equitable treatment, full disclosure of lending processes and understandable product terms are mainstays with all financial solutions. This ensures that our potential customers are equipped with the right information they need to make informed decisions, and that we’re directly meeting the financial needs of consumers and businesses.

Our approach to responsible banking is to provide financial products and services that we want for our own families. We are dedicated to acting in the best interest of our customers by providing reasonably priced products, defining clear terms and disclosures and offering fair and consistent service. By doing all of these things effectively, we believe we can build lasting customer relationships and meet our responsibility to help communities prosper.