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Private Bank Mortgage Advantages

Based on the type and size of accounts you have with Fifth Third,1 you may qualify for our relationship mortgage pricing program. In addition, our personalized closing process gives you the opportunity to close your mortgage quickly at convenient locations.

Your Fifth Third Wealth Management Advisor will work with your dedicated Private Banker who specializes in high-net-worth lending. Together, along with a Mortgage Originator, they will work with you to recommend the right type of mortgage.

   Find the right mortgage for you

Mortgage Types

With the guidance of our wealth specialists you can access conventional, jumbo, fixed, adjustable3, or a customized solution, using tailored financing to meet your unique needs.

Mortgage Options

  • You may be able to use pledged Fifth Third liquid assets2 in lieu of a cash down payment to augment lower than anticipated home values, or to help the next generation buy a home.
  • We also offer ways to construct 100% loan-to-value when using both real estate and pledged liquid assets for new purchases.*
  • Refinance your existing mortgage and you could benefit from our efficient loan process and competitive pricing.

Other Lending Strategies

  • You may be able to use your marketable securities held in a Fifth Third Securities brokerage account or a Fifth Third Investment Management Account as equity for an investment-backed line of credit.
  • When you are ready to tackle a major home improvement project or finance a large purchase, we can offer home equity lines of credit, with competitive savings and convenient features.


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