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RCA traces its roots back to 1988, when the original advisory firm was formed by the Kiley family. From the very beginning the RCA vision was focused on a disciplined process of helping clients create a customized Family Master Plan. This plan defines financial and lifestyle objectives and outlines specific investment strategies for accomplishing those objectives. To this day, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank, the same principles apply as RCA focuses on helping you define and reach your goals.

What We Offer

As individuals near retirement, they face numerous cash flow, budgeting, and investment decisions. We’re here to help those ready to retire, and their families, successfully navigate those decisions. We do that by creating a customized Family Master Plan®. This plan defines financial and lifestyle objectives and outlines specific investment strategies for accomplishing those objectives.

In addition to our Family Master Plan, we offer services that help individuals and families protect and grow their wealth, including:

  • Retire in Comfort Program that helps create an income replacement plan
  • Accumulate with Confidence Program to help maximize rate of return
  • Money Masters Online Programs provide online investing combined with personalized help from an investment advisor

How We Invest

We analyze the performance history of over 8,000 investments, comparing them to our specific selection criteria in order to select our top managers for U.S. stocks, international stocks, and bonds—our Money Masters. These investments are evaluated on a daily basis. Global markets and economic conditions are always changing, which is why we actively manage a diversified group of investments included within the asset allocation mix of each portfolio.

Financial Review

Contact us to schedule a no charge financial review. We can review your current investments and asset allocation with you and provide an analysis that compares your past performance results with industry benchmarks.

We can also provide you with a risk profile analysis indicating the estimated level of portfolio volatility and downside risk compared to your own stated risk tolerance level and long-term investment objective.

Contact an associate for more information.

Retirement University

We provide personal financial education services to individual and corporate clients at no charge, utilizing programs we offer through Retirement University.

Providing financial workshops and programs, experts help Retirement University “students” understand the complex world of income replacement, asset protection, and legacy planning. The program also provides real-life case studies, highlighting both “good” and “bad” retirement decisions.

Classes are typically 60-90 minutes in duration and are offered throughout the year during and after work hours, as well as on weekends.

Contact us for the latest class schedule.

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