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RCA's Relationship Summary:

Specializing in Your Future

From its founding in 1988, RCA’s vision was focused on a disciplined process of helping clients create a customized Family Master Plan®. Prior to providing advisory services, RCA will work with each client to define their specific financial and lifestyle objectives and outline investment strategies for accomplishing those objectives. It’s a holistic plan tailored to the particular needs and wants of each client.

To this day, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank, National Association, the same principles apply as RCA focuses on helping clients accumulate with confidence and ultimately, retire in comfort.

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Our Retire in Comfort® Program is for individuals nearing retirement or already retired. Our Accumulate with Confidence® Program is for individuals that are accumulating assets. Our Online Investment Program is for individuals that want on-line investing with personalized help from an investment advisor. Additional services for individuals include a wide range of insurance, educational funding, and annuity services.

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We are an independent investment consultant, intensely focused on helping you manage your 401(k) or 403(b) fiduciary obligations while engaging and educating participants on how to effectively prepare for retirement. Constant legal and regulatory changes, combined with shrinking Human Resource departments, market volatility, and low savings rates, make this one of the most difficult times in history to achieve this goal.

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Retirement University

We support “lifelong learning” and are proud to offer an extensive curriculum of classes and events for both our individual and company clients. These are held in our classroom, a company location, online, and at off-site locations. We create unique, fun, and interesting experiences, while engaging experts to present dynamic topics and building a sense of community among our client families. Programming occurs monthly.

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How we invest

Our investment approach is two prong. We take a global macro view of the world, focusing on Growth, Inflation, Profits, and Policies in the major financial markets and economies of the world.  With this understanding, we allocate your portfolio to take advantage of the opportunities that we perceive to be attractive.  We accomplish this by investing your assets with managers that we believe to be top notch in their area of expertise, covering U.S. stocks, international stocks, bonds, and alternatives. Each manager that we select for your portfolio goes through an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our process is dynamic in nature and our risk allocations are actively managed in an effort to generate the most efficient risk reward experience for our clients.

Let's Get Started

To review your current goals, objectives, and allocations or to get started on your Family Master Plan®, please contact us today to schedule a visit with an RCA advisor.

We can help establish your plan or fine-tune an existing plan to align your long-term financial and lifestyle goals.

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