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Our Multi-Faceted Client Profiles

Mirador works with select client families who seek to perpetuate their values and wealth. Our client profile reveal the types of clients, families and needs that Mirador serves.

No two families are alike, but many challenges are similar. Mirador excels by leveraging the wisdom of past experience against an exceptional ability to listen and identify the unique needs of your family.

Multi-Generational Wealth

When a family sells its business and sets out in new directions, the odds of sustaining the same level of wealth into the next generation decrease. This can be the result of assets dividing across multiple branches, family members with disparate goals or financial acumen, increased spending or an array of advisors providing conflicting advice.

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Business Owners

Given the unending day-to-day responsibilities of business owners, it's easy to understand why many families fail to complete comprehensive planning related to their most important financial asset. However, effective planning plays a critical role in ensuring the successful transfer of family wealth and business leadership.

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Private Family Foundations

Many Mirador families fund a private family foundation during their lifetimes with a larger portion of their wealth left to the foundation at their passing. As a result, the value of the assets within the family foundation following this event is often substantially greater than during the parents' lifetimes.


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Single Family Office Clients

Strategic partnerships can increase the strength and effectiveness of your Single Family Office without compromising your family's need for privacy and confidentiality. They can also provide you with access to select professionals or specialized services which many traditional Single Family Office simply cannot provide.


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Single Stock Concentration Clients

Your hard work paid off. Now what? The prudent management of single stock risk is critically important and exceedingly complex. Families and individuals who created a successful business frequently remain major shareholders for years following their involvement in the company, resulting in tremendous financial risk that has long-term impact on a family.

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