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The Private Bank’s philanthropic specialists can help you determine which charitable giving strategy can best meet your goals.


You can support a cause you believe in and potentially reduce your tax burden by making a charitable gift through a variety of different structures, including:

  • Private foundations
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Designating a charitable organization as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy

Charitable Remainder Trusts can provide income during your lifetime, with the remaining assets going to the charity of your choice.

A Charitable Remainder Trust enables you to:

  • Donate to a favorite charity
  • Receive tax benefits*
  • Gain a source of current income

A Charitable Remainder Trust is typically funded with highly appreciated assets, such as real estate, stock, or high-value collectibles, because you do not pay capital gains taxes on the assets transferred into the irrevocable trust. You may also benefit from an income tax deduction on the present value of the donated assets.


When you don't want your philanthropic goals to reduce your family's inheritance, life insurance can be a powerful tool.

Life insurance can be used to replace the value of donated assets. For example, you may decide to use the savings generated from the tax deduction on an outright gift to your heirs to be used to pay insurance premiums. You might also use the income generated by a Charitable Remainder Trust to purchase a life insurance policy, equal in amount to the donated assets, and designate your heirs as the beneficiary of the policy.

Helping You Achieve Your Vision

Our Foundation Office can help you articulate your vision for a private family foundation and make it a reality.


A Different Way to Give – Donor-advised Funds

Are you looking for a different way to give to your favorite charities? If so, you may want to consider a donor-advised fund.


Fulfilling Your Philanthropic Vision

The many ways families can work together to build a philanthropic legacy.

Fifth Third Private Bank is here to help

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