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Commercial Customers Privacy Notice

I. Introduction

This Privacy Notice for Commercial Customers (the "Notice") applies to Company Information (as defined below) about individuals and businesses or other entities that seek or obtain financial products and services from Fifth Third for business or commercial purposes ("Commercial Customers"). This Notice does not apply to information received from individuals who seek or obtain financial products or services from us for personal, family, or household purposes; such consumer information is governed by the Fifth Third Privacy Notice for Consumer Information, entitled "What Does Fifth Third Do With Your Personal Information" and found at Privacy and Security.

For purposes of this Notice, "Company Information" means any information about a Commercial Customer from which the Commercial Customer could be identified, whether obtained directly from the Commercial Customer or from another source. Company Information may include, but is not limited to: (a) company name; (b) physical address, including street name and name of city or town; (c) email address or other electronic contact information; (d) telephone number; (e) tax identification number; (f) credit history; (g) bank or credit card account number; (h) financial statements; (i) information about officers, directors, and other control persons; and (j) any other information from or about a Commercial Customer. However, the following is not considered Company Information: (a) aggregated or anonymous information that does not identify a customer and (b) information that Fifth Third obtains from a public source (or knows to be available from a public source).

Fifth Third may make changes to this Notice from time to time. It is available to you at Privacy and Security page.

II. How We Gather Company Information

We may gather and retain Company Information about Commercial Customers from the following sources:

  • Applications or other forms that you provide to us
  • Financial account activity and transactions (such as payment history, account balances, and usage)
  • Credit-related information from credit reporting agencies
  • Information from website visits (such as cookies, usage and transaction history, and other technical data that we use for security purposes and to enhance the online experience)
  • Information we receive from third parties such as data providers or independent researchers

III. How We Share Company Information

Fifth Third shares Company Information among and between all of its affiliates. You may not opt-out of this sharing.

Fifth Third may share Company Information with non-affiliated third parties and with Vantiv, LLC ("Vantiv") in order to offer you additional products and services. Fifth Third has an ownership interest in Vantiv. You have the right to opt-out of such sharing, as described below in "How To Change Your Privacy Options."

Fifth Third may also disclose Company Information to non-affiliated third parties for routine business reasons. For example, Fifth Third may disclose Company Information to service providers and other third parties as necessary to facilitate a transaction requested by a Commercial Customer, or to report to credit bureaus. Fifth Third may also disclose Company Information to non-affiliated third parties in response to a subpoena, warrant, or court order, or as otherwise required or advisable considering applicable law or regulation. You may not opt-out of this sharing. Further, Fifth Third may disclose Company Information to its banking, securities, or other regulators without any prior notification or any other restriction.

Please note that Fifth Third does sell loans and other obligations to third parties for a variety of reasons. Consent of the individual, guarantors, or borrowers is not required and notice will not be provided in the event of a sale of any loan or other obligation to a third party.

IV. How To Change Your Privacy Options

We will share Company Information as described in Section III above unless you direct us otherwise by taking one of the below steps. Note that based on the sharing practices above, there are certain instances of sharing for which you may not opt out.

  • Write to us at Fifth Third, Customer Service, Privacy Administration, Post Office Box 4444, Cincinnati, Ohio 45263-4444. Requests must include company name, address, contact telephone number, tax identification number (TIN), and account number(s) (if applicable) for the business entity(ies) opting out. Incomplete information will delay or possibly prevent our ability to honor your request.
  • Call a Fifth Third Customer Service Professional at 800-889-5269.
  • Visit any Fifth Third Branch.

Our system will be updated to reflect your privacy preferences within thirty (30) days following receipt of the request with complete information. You can verify the update by calling the Customer Service number listed above or visiting any Fifth Third Branch.

If you have already shared with us your privacy preferences under this Notice, it is not necessary to contact us again. We will continue to honor the preferences you have provided.

V. Security

To protect Company Information from unauthorized access and use, we use appropriate physical, procedural, and technical safeguards as required by law.

VI. Fifth Third Companies Covered by this Notice

This notice will apply to all affiliates of Fifth Third, now existing or hereafter arising. This list is available to you at Affiliated Companies.