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Retirement University® can show you how.

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Why you need a well-rounded retirement education

Retiring well is about more than accumulating assets. It’s about living the life you want and getting the most from the years ahead. Providing a holistic approach to retirement planning, Retirement University® can help you prepare for aspects of your retirement—from income needs to second careers.

Our free classes offer key lessons on:

  • Planning and Investments
  • Retirement income
  • Health care needs
  • Life-stage planning
  • And more

Plus, Fifth Third financial professionals will be on hand to answer your questions.

An Introduction to Retirement University®

Retirement University® from Fifth Third is an educational program specifically designed to inform and prepare you for the realities and possibilities of retirement.

To learn more about what Retirement University® can do to help you reach your goals, watch this video.

Women in Retirement

The facts speak for themselves: Women face a distinct set of retirement planning challenges. Even with successful professional careers that mirror, or exceed, those of their male counterparts, women face unique disadvantages when it comes to financial security in retirement.

Upcoming Retirement University® Classes

Emotions, Expectations, Economics ++

While investments are about dollars and cents, emotions often gain the upper hand in our investment decisions. In this seminar, we'll learn how emotions and expectations may get in the way of better investment decisions and how different asset allocation portfolios perform under different economic conditions.

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Health Care Costs: Options Before and After Retirement

It's a fact: Out-of-pocket health care costs become a greater expenditure as people age. What's more health care costs evolve as people move through their retirement years. In this seminar, we'll look at how health care costs can impact the different stages of your life and strategies for successfully managing them.

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Health Care in Retirement

Planning for health care costs in retirement can feel like eating broccoli as a kid. We'd rather not. However, given that health care is one of the biggest costs in retirement, understanding your options now can mean a healthier retirement budget in the long run.

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