Student Budget Calculator

College is as much about working toward a degree as it is learning how to become an independent adult—and a big part of that is learning the importance of money management. Our Student Budget Calculator helps students take the first step toward financial independence by budgeting living expenses for one year of college. By adding up educational, communication, personal, transportation, and other costs, students can get a clearer picture of how much they’ll need for college living expenses.

Typical College Living Expenses

Many students might wonder what kind of living expenses they should prepare for. Here are some basic expenses a college student should expect:

  • Books
  • Lab fees
  • Internet & cable
  • Cell phone
  • Laundry
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing
  • Personal items
  • Gasoline
  • Auto payments and insurance

Next Steps

Fifth Third can help you get your financial life started with our Student Checking Account. Questions? Schedule an appointmentor visit a Fifth Third Branch.

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