High Yield Savings Account vs. CD Savings Calculator

Both high yield savings accounts and CDs are low-risk savings options. Use our high yield savings account vs. CD calculator to maximize your interest earnings. Enter the amount you intend to deposit in either a savings account, short term CD, or long term CD; the predicted annual interest rate increase; and the interest rate and deposit terms for each account to see which account will earn the most as interest rates rise.

High Yield Savings Accounts

A high yield savings account is a type of savings account that earns a higher interest rate compared to traditional savings accounts. High yield savings accounts are great places to store an emergency fund or savings you need access to in the near future.

Certificate of Deposit

Like a high yield savings account, a certificate of deposit (CD) earns a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. Unlike a high yield savings account, a CD comes with a maturity date, meaning you can’t touch the funds you place in the account until you reach the date of withdrawal.

Next Steps

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