Business Valuation Calculator

A business valuation can be helpful is you’re considering selling your business, obtaining financing for your business, or adding shareholders. The business valuation calculator below uses an asset-based approach to determine what your business is worth today. Add your assets, your liabilities, and see the net worth of your business.

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Ensure Business Success in an Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a great, effective option, but a staggering 70% of mergers fail to increase shareholder value. So how can you prepare for a successful merger?

Why You Need a Succession Plan for Your Business

Planning for what is ahead is an integral part of business. And while you cannot predict the future, putting together a business succession plan helps you prepare for it. A succession plan lets you and your employees rest assured knowing your business will be in good hands after you are gone.

The Advisors You Need for a Business Transition

Thinking of selling your business? Connecting with the following types of advisors will help smooth your business acquisition or selling process.