Fifth Third Bank

Frequently asked questions and answers

What to Expect?

Why was my mortgage transferred?
What is a mortgage servicing transfer?
What if I do not want my loan transferred?
Do the terms of my loan change?
Do I need to contact anyone about the transfer?
Can I access my mortgage information online?
How do I set up my online account for Fifth Third?
What are the benefits of having an online Fifth Third account?
Does my optional insurance transfer?

Payment Options

Will I receive a billing statement?
What do I do if I already sent my payment to my previous servicer?
I make payments using bill pay with my bank. What should I do to continue my payment deductions?
My payments are made automatically. Will that information be transferred to Fifth Third?
What options are avalible for making my monthly mortgage payment?


My tax and/or insurance payments are made by my mortgage company. Will this continue?
What will happen with the current balance in my new escrow account?
What will happen with payments due from my escrow account?
Will my escrow analysis date change? When will I receive an escrow analysis statement?
Do I need to contact my taxing authority or insurance company about the transfer?

Homeowner Assistance

What do I do if i'm struggling to make my mortgage payment?
I may be called to active duty soon. What do I need to do?

Contact Us

Who do I contact with questions?