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Student Loans and Refinancing with CommonBond

Fifth Third Bank and CommonBond have teamed up to make paying for college easier!

CommonBond is dedicated to making education more affordable for Fifth Third customers like you—whether you're looking to pay for college or want to refinance existing student loans.

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Student Loans

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Fill in the gap

If you've exhausted your scholarship, grant, and federal student loan options, a private student loan from CommonBond can help you cover remaining expenses up to the cost of attendance. 

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More than just money

Every CommonBond student loan comes with an award-winning1 care team and free personalized support—real people who can help with filling out FAFSA forms, reviewing and negotiating award letters and much more.

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Pay your way

CommonBond gives you the freedom to repay your loans in a way that fits your life, with protections like forbearance2, 6-month grace period, and cosigner release4.

Competitive rates

CommonBond offers competitive rates, plus a 0.25% discount when you sign up for autopay. Add in flexible repayment options and a variety of loan terms, and you can find a rate that works for you.

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Student Loan Refinance

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Your Chance to Refresh

Is the burden of student loan payments preventing you from moving ahead with your financial life? If so, it’s time to hit reset.

Customers who refinance with CommonBond could save thousands over the course of their loan!

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How Does Refinancing Work?

It’s pretty simple. With a student loan refinance, your old loans are paid off and combined into one, simple loan. You could get a lower interest rate because CommonBond bases your loan on where your finances are today.

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Choose How You Want to Save

When you refinance your student loan, you could either:

  • Lower your monthly payments and give your budget some extra breathing room 
  • Or, adjust your monthly payments to pay off your loan sooner 


Keep Things Simple and Convenient:

  • A variety of loans are eligible, including federal, private and previously consolidated student loans.
  • Pause payments for up to 24 months2, in case life gets in the way.
  • Pay no prepayment fees3 if you want to get ahead on payments.
  • Pay no origination fees, so you can start saving from day one.

Get Your Rate Today

With a pre-qualifying process that doesn’t impact your credit score, you can see what rate you may be eligible for from CommonBond in just a few minutes.

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