Relationship Money Market Account

With a Fifth Third Relationship Money Market Account, your standard savings account is elevated to a high-interest savings account with the ability to grow your balance faster. If you have a higher balance, this is a great option for you.

Cash in on high interest rates

Get rewarded with a special relationship interest rate. Then, watch your balance grow even faster when you set up automatic transfers.

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Automatic transfers help you save effortlessly.

Free Overdraft Protection if linked to a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking account.

Manage your account through online and mobile banking.

Money market account details

Your choice if…

You have a larger balance and want to earn our highest rates.1

Skip the monthly service fee if you meet one of these requirements…

Otherwise, it’s $5 a month.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly on collected balances.1

Additional features

Money market account FAQ

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