Savings Account for Kids and Teens

Opening a savings account for your child or teen is a great way to set them up for future financial success, while teaching them money management skills along the way. Fifth Third Bank offers a Fifth Third Momentum® Savings account for students and minors with competitive interest rates.1 Learn more about our minor savings account, benefits, and how to apply today.

Benefits of a Kids Savings Account

  • No monthly service charge if the account owner is under 18. Otherwise, it’s $5 per month
  • Easy access to your money at any Fifth Third ATM, branch, or online at
  • Provide children financial freedom while teaching them about positive banking habits
  • Help kids save money for a specific short-term financial goal
  • Conveniently access online statements to teach money management
  • Easily transfer funds to your kids’ savings account in-person, online, or on the Fifth Third mobile app
  • Kick-start saving for future education or college

Opening an Account

Interested in opening a savings account for your child or teen? Open a savings account online or visit a Fifth Third Branch to get started. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.


  • Photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, student or employee ID.

* If your child is between ages 13-15 and does not have a photo ID, then you may verbally confirm their identity.

Kid-Friendly Banking Resources

Navigating conversations with your kids on money management, smart spending, and planning for the future may feel like a whole new ballgame for parents. Luckily, Fifth Third Bank has a few articles to help parents open kid bank accounts, chat with teens about money, and more!

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