Say hello to Jeanie®

Hand holding a mobile phone showing the Jeanie features

In 1977, we launched the first online automated teller system and shared ATM network in the United States, and thus, Jeanie was born, forever transforming banking convenience.

Now, Jeanie’s growing up. She’s smarter and even more convenient—and always within reach.

Jeanie is your always-on virtual banking assistant, an online digital advisor, available 24/7. Anytime you’ve got a question or need help, Jeanie is here for you—she’ll have the answers you need or will find you the person who has them.

Here are a few of the many things Jeanie can do:

Find accounts and routing numbers

Get account balance

Set up alerts

Help you navigate online banking and the mobile app


Jeanie is always just a tap away, online or in the mobile app—login and select the floating icon at the bottom of the page to send her a message today.

Fifth Third new mobile app displayed on mobile phone and laptop.