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Easy to Set Up

Create your list of payees

Many of your payees may already be on the list that you can choose from. But if a payee doesn’t appear, you can easily add a person or business.

Set up automatic payments2

Our convenient recurring payments feature allows you to set up automated payments to help make sure your bills are paid on time. A recurring payment is perfect for e-bills, or for regular-interval payments such as a mortgage or car payment.

Receive your bills online

Instead of paper bills, you can choose to receive electronic statements to your account from participating businesses.

Convenient to Use

Convenient to Use

Whenever you want to make a payment to a business or a person, log in to your account, enter the payment information, and we’ll send the payment for you.

Keep track of payments

Your payment history is available online for 24 months, at a summary or more detailed transactional level.

Additional Features

As you pay your bills, it’s easy to keep track of what's left in your account and manage your scheduled payments by modifying or cancelling them as needed. You’ll also be able to:

  • Receive alerts and payment reminders
  • Access customized payment reports
  • Add personal notes to your payees

We're here to help: