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We’re Always on Guard.

Staying ahead of identity thieves requires constant vigilance. Fifth Third Identity Alert® helps keep your personal information safe and protects you from the major forms of identity theft.

You should never be a victim of fraud. That's why we’ve equipped Fifth Third Identity Alert® with identity theft insurance, automatic credit monitoring and more to protect your identity.

Our identity theft alert services offer peace of mind where you need it most. Enroll now and let Fifth Third help protect you from identity theft with fraud alert services.

Key Benefits of Identity Theft Alert®

  • Single Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring*1 : Monitors your credit report daily and alerts you to activity
  • Monthly Triple Credit Bureau Credit Reports2 & VantageScore Credit Scores*3 : Gives a full picture of your credit strength
  • Up to $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance6
  • Social Security Monitoring**4 : Continuously monitors your Social Security number on the Internet
  • Text Alert: Gives you the ability to configure your fraud alert preferences, including email and text**5

Identity Theft Education

Learning how to avoid identity theft starts with knowing the signs. Take the first step towards getting the best identity theft monitoring. Learn more about identity theft including:

  • What is identity theft?
  • How to prevent identity theft.
  • How to resolve identity theft.



How Fifth Third Protects You

We take the security of your accounts and confidential information very seriously. To help protect you from identity theft, we provide:



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