Job seeker’s toolkit

At Fifth Third Bank, helping our customers means more to us than just explaining the benefits of our accounts. We’re here to help the people of our community beyond banking. Sometimes that includes helping them find jobs. The Job Seeker's Toolkit is a web-based, multimedia program that facilitates interactive learning through nine job modules. The Bank has contracted with NextJob, a nationwide reemployment solutions company, to offer the program free for Fifth Third customers who access their accounts online at

With the success of our homeownership reemployment initiative through NextJob, we knew offering online job search software could help solve problems, positively impact customers, and make banking better for everyone.

Real world input and advice

The Job Seeker's Toolkit is a customized program that includes video interviews with job search experts, job seekers, and hiring managers, providing learning examples from real-life hiring experiences. All aspects of a successful job search are included:

  • Creating an effective resume, compelling cover letters, and a detailed marketing plan
  • Best job board aggregators and leads
  • Networking and the hidden job market
  • Interview training and preparation
  • Assessing career direction and transferable skills
  • Follow-up to support success in the new job
  • Building a 30-second commercial
  • Developing a personal brand
  • Learning the latest techniques to use social media effectively to find and land jobs

The toolkit is accessible from within Fifth Third Bank's Online Banking site. Once registered, Internet banking customers will be able to access the training for 39 weeks. After initial registration, customers can train from any computer at