Foundation Office

The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank is committed to creating a greater impact on programs and initiatives that create strong, vibrant communities and provide pathways to opportunity. The Foundation Office administers Private Family Foundations that leave a lasting legacy. The respective Committees review all grant requests for the following trusts and foundations for which Fifth Third Bank serves as trustee or agent. Grants for programming in education, the arts, community development, and health and human services in the Greater Cincinnati area are considered, in addition to the specific funding interests originally identified by each of the individual benefactors. These trusts and foundations include: 

  • Charles Moerlein Foundation
  • Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund
  • Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust
  • H.B., E.W. & F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation
  • Helen G., Henry F., & Louise Tuechter Dornette Foundation
  • Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts
  • Louis & Melba Schott Foundation
  • Ohio Valley Foundation®
  • Patricia Kisker Foundation
  • Stillson Foundation

Our goal is to make the grantmaking process as smooth and easy as possible. For a complete list of our guidelines please click here.

We accept online letters of inquiry from October 1 - December 31. If interested in submitting an LOI please click here.

For any questions, please contact the Foundation Office at