We know that it takes more than capital to be successful. 

With an investment from Fifth Third Ventures, you'll have access to:

Our Expertise

Fifth Third has over 160 years of experience providing financial services to our customers. As your business continues to scale, we’re able to connect your business to relationships and expertise around the Organization.

Strategic Partnerships

We have a strong track record of success, creating unique and mutually valuable relationships between Fifth Third and our portfolio companies.


Our flexible investment mandate allows us to invest across stages with a typical initial investment size of $1-15 million.

Banking Services

Fifth Third’s modern embedded payments platform Newline and our full suite of Commercial Banking services provide solutions from treasury management to equity capital markets to meet the day-to-day banking and the long-term needs of business.


We make non-controlling investments in FinTech companies and venture capital funds that advance the strategic priorities of Fifth Third and share in our culture and values. If your company or fund fits within the following categories, Fifth Third Ventures would love to connect with you.

B2B and B2C Payments

Software to enable and support payment flows across industries and within specific sectors.

Home Buying Experience

Solutions to improve efficiency and enhance the borrower journey.

Consumer Banking

Products and services for payments, rewards, consumer protection, and fraud prevention.

Small Business Solutions

Sector specific banking opportunities and leveraging data to support client growth.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Technology to support delivering financial services to clients in a modern way. 

Healthcare Payments

Companies solving for patient, provider and payor pain points at the intersection of healthcare and finance.




"Fifth Third takes a long-term view of our relationships with our FinTech partners and we will take the time to understand your startup, your goals, and your challenges. We have the resources needed to continue growing and providing the solutions that support and accelerate our shared goals."

Rick Holmes, Head of Investments and Data

"Our relationships with and investments in FinTech companies are central to Fifth Third's strategy. As a part of our strategy organization, Fifth Third Ventures is deeply focused on accelerating and de-risking existing strategic priorities by engaging with innovative and impactful entrepreneurs, operators and venture capitalists. This tight alignment with our strategy and executive team has been a key factor in the outcomes we’ve delivered for FinTechs, and the organization’s customers and shareholders."

Ben Hoffman, Chief Strategy Officer, Fifth Third Bancorp

Rick Holmes
Head of Investments and Data

Pattie Felts
Managing Director

Josh Brodsky
Senior Associate

Ethan Barteck
Senior Analyst


About Provide

Modern healthcare finance for practice owners all in one place.

Founded in 2013 by Daniel Titcomb and James Bachmeier III, Provide offers a comprehensive suite of financial products that help doctors start, acquire, equip, and expand their dream healthcare practices. Throughout its history, Provide has originated more than $2 billion in loans, and in partnership with Fifth Third, has provided core banking and payments services to over 70% of the doctors for whom it provides financing.

The Challenge

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy. The healthcare market is trending to offer more care in retail locations, rather than hospitals. The ageing dentist and physician population is driving the turnover to sole owners who require financing to fund practice acquisitions or expansions. Over the last decade, Fifth Third’s healthcare team has expanded its presence and expertise to become one of the top healthcare banking platforms for middle-market and corporate clients.

“Our relationship with Fifth Third has enabled us to accelerate our mission of financially empowering healthcare providers.”

Dan Titcomb, Co-Founder & CEO

The Solution

In 2018, Fifth Third was an early investor in Provide, and the bank began funding loans through the company’s platform in 2020. In 2021, Fifth Third Bank completed an acquisition of Provide. Building on Fifth Third’s strong legacy of digital innovation and focus on the healthcare sector, this acquisition adds world-class national digital capabilities addressing the most complex lending and banking needs of private healthcare practice owners. Provide will maintain its brand identity and operate as an independent business line as it continues to scale and expand product offerings for healthcare practices owners.