Inclusion & Diversity

Leadership Message

“At Fifth Third, we see inclusion and diversity as a strategic imperative and integral to the ongoing vibrancy of our culture.”

– Greg Carmichael, chairman, president and CEO, Fifth Third Bancorp

Our culture brings our core values to life every day. It exemplifies who we want to be and how we get things done, whether it’s to our employees, our customers or our communities. Inclusion and diversity are integral to that culture. They’re not a guideline or a goal; they’re how we behave with every transaction and interaction. It’s how we earn a reputation for being trustworthy and for conducting ourselves ethically and professionally.

We are keenly aware that in order to have a dynamic and inclusive environment it takes leadership and we are holding our leaders at Fifth Third accountable for behaviors that will further build upon and sustain an inclusive environment.  These behaviors include a set of capabilities that outline the expectations we have of our leaders.  They include being actively inclusive by creating connections that prioritize diversity of thought, background and experiences when working with others.  Our leaders are expected to be self-aware by taking the viewpoints of others into consideration and acknowledging them, while recognizing their own biases. And, they must leverage internal and external networks by gathering perspectives from inside as well as outside of their own team, looking for opportunities to inform decisions and strategies.  At Fifth Third, we strive to be an inclusive, diverse and thriving organization, one in which each person feels valued, respected and understood.

We are excited to work for the betterment of our communities in a tangible and meaningful manner. Our $32 billion commitment to the community is an example of our focus on corporate citizenship. It's what building a better kind of bank is all about—a bank that fundamentally improves the lives of customers and the well-being of communities we serve and live in; a bank that uses the power of our diversity and our commonality to build a better future.

Byna Elliot

Stephanie A. Smith

Senior Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer