Fifth Third Bank's Job Seeker's Toolkit

As a valued Fifth Third customer, you now have free access to the Job Seeker's Toolkit, a new online job search program to help you find the job that's right for you.

Finding a new job isn't easy. The process can be confusing to navigate. And it can drain you emotionally and demand a lot of focused time and effort. That's why we've teamed up with NextJob, a nationwide reemployment solutions company, to assist you in your job search.

Fifth Third Bank's Job Seeker's Toolkit will help you:

  • Create an effective resume and cover letter that gets the attention of hiring managers
  • Develop and carry out a detailed job search action plan
  • Evaluate one's career direction and identify skills that could transfer to another industry or field
  • Discover jobs that are open, but never advertised
  • Use the latest and most effective Internet tools and techniques
  • Train and prepare for successful interviews

First Time Users:

Returning Users

We're proud to be the first financial institution to offer such help and hoping we won't be the last. After all, its benefits are good for families, communities, and the overall economy. Curious behavior for a bank? Maybe. But sometimes just doing the right thing can be the most innovative thing of all.

First Time User? Register Now, and simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Returning Users? Log In. For future logins, you can also visit, outside of Fifth Third Internet Banking.

"Who would have thought my bank could help me find a job?"
- Laura, Cincinnati, Ohio. Returned to work: 2/22/2012