5/3 Babies

At Fifth Third Bank, we know every parent wants to give their child a better life. That’s why every year, we partner with one lucky city to give all babies born on May 3rd, 5/3, the gift of $1053 toward a 529 college savings plan. This year, we’re proud to partner with the hospitals and families of Indianapolis to give these babies a head start on their future.

Since our program started in 2017, we’ve given away $339,066 in college funding.











Grand Rapids





"Such a blessing for our daughter! What a lucky little lady! Thanks, Fifth Third!"

"Many thanks for this wonderful initiative! We had a lot of fun with it."
– Northwest Community

"A fantastic way to celebrate life and giving! Just a great feel-good story."

"Very exciting and so happy for the families!"
– St. Bernard

You don’t have to be a 5/3 Baby to start saving for college.

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