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Make Saving Easy with Fifth Third’s Smart Savings


Learn how to reach your financial goals and strengthen savings account finances with Fifth Third Bank's Smart Savings.

When it comes to saving money, the easier the process is—the better. Some of the best savers make saving automatic so they don’t have to think about finding money to stash away each week. This is where tools like Fifth Third Momentum® Smart Savings can make all the difference.

Smart Savings enables you to put your savings on autopilot. You can designate a set amount of money to transfer into your Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Account at regular intervals from your checking account using our mobile app or online portal. By doing so, you ensure that saving remains a priority—and that you reach your savings goals that much faster.

What Is Smart Savings?

You may be saving for a new car, vacation, or just building an emergency fund. Regular, consistent saving can help reach your goal, regardless of the amount. Features like Scheduled Savings from Fifth Third empower you to make saving a monthly habit.

Smart Savings lets you designate how much money you want to save each week or month. Then the money automatically moves from your Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account to your Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Account. You don’t have to remember to transfer money; instead, saving is automatic.

How Do I Automatically Transfer Money to My Savings Account?

You can automatically schedule your savings with the click of a button. If you have Fifth Third Momentum® Checking and Savings Accounts, you can start by downloading the Fifth Third mobile app. Then click on "Savings Strategies" and look for the Scheduled Savings feature.

Scheduled Savings is an automatic savings technique, where you select how much and how often you’d like to save, and Fifth Third makes it happen. You can designate the amount you want to move from your checking account to your savings account. You can also set specific goals for your savings within the app and track your progress toward them.

If you want to save even more, consider enabling Smart Savings as well. This feature within the Fifth Third mobile app allows you to save small amounts of money automatically, with you determining how much you want to put aside each week.

Smart Savings will save up to the limit that you set for each week, starting with as little as $1. The idea is to take advantage of little savings wins to help you achieve bigger savings goals.

With both Scheduled Savings and Smart Savings, you’re in control. You can set limits on how much you want to save, review your Scheduled Savings amounts, and make changes that fit with your finances and life.

Do Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Accounts Have Fees?

Fifth Third Momentum® Savings Accounts are free if you have a Fifth Third checking account, allowing you to save the maximum amount without paying costly fees.

Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Accounts are free as well. They also have no minimum balance, and there’s no minimum amount required to open an account. Use Fifth Third Momentum® Checking and Savings Accounts together as a smart, cost-effective way to manage your finances and make progress toward more of your financial goals.

Can I Manage All My Savings From the Fifth Third Mobile App?

Yes. With the Fifth Third mobile app, you can set up Scheduled Savings and Smart Savings. You can also set individual savings goals, monitor your savings progress toward each of them, and check your overall savings balance.

The secret to saving is to get started. Use Scheduled Savings to create a saving habit that’s so easy you don’t have to think about it. You’ll save money easier and reach your savings goals that much faster.

Try Fifth Third’s Momentum Banking: Banking Made Simple

For those who want to strengthen money habits now to reach long-term financial wellness.

  • NO monthly service fees
  • NO minimum balance requirements
  • NO fees at over 40,000 partner ATMs nationwide1
  • Extra Time® to help avoid overdraft fees2
  • Access to money when you need it

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