A pair of hands writing out a check with a black pen and white checkbook.

6 Easy Steps to Writing a Check


How to use checks to pay your bills.

While you may pay most of your bills online these days, or even via a mobile app, there are a few times when you may have to take out a pen and use it with a checkbook to pay a person or a company. If you can’t remember how to write a check—or you’ve never written one before—follow these steps to make sure you are properly filling out the financial document.

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Writing checks may feel strange if you don’t regularly use them as a means of payment, so writing a few for practice can help you get more comfortable with the process (just be sure to void your practice checks by crossing them out with ink). Once you have the steps down, keep one of your voided checks as an example in case you need a refresher in the future.

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