A woman wearing a bright pink blazer gets paid early using Fifth Third Momentum Checking’s Early Pay services.

Get Paid Early With Fifth Third


Receive your money up to two days ahead of the regular payday.

Wouldn’t it be great to get your paycheck two days early? With a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account or a Fifth Third Express Banking® Account, this isn’t a hypothetical question—it’s reality. Fifth Third Early Pay2 makes it possible to get direct deposits from your employer up to two days before your scheduled payday–without a fee.

Those two days can make a real difference. You can take advantage of the extra time to get ahead on bills, plan for bigger purchases, or accelerate your savings. In the process, you gain more control of your money and your financial plan.

Getting paid early simple—you just need to add direct deposit to your Momentum or Express account (start by downloading our Direct Deposit Authorization form), and your paychecks deposit up to two days before your payday. The best part—it's free. Early Pay is more than just convenient, it’s empowering. Now you can access your money on your terms and your timeline.

Why Two Days Matter

Early paydays can make a significant impact on your overall financial health. First, the ability to set your payday gives you more control over your financial life. For the 41% of Gen Z consumers who feel anxious about finances, deciding when and how you get paid—and making it as convenient as possible—can go a long way towards reducing stress.

What’s more, getting paid earlier enables you to make the most of your paychecks. Depending on your bill cycle, funding your checking account earlier in the week or month lets you get ahead of your expenses. You can also make plans for vacations, big events, or major purchases, knowing that you'll have access to your funds.

The results can be a mental and financial boost. Getting your paycheck sooner means you can breathe easy, knowing you're in control of your money—and everything that your earnings make possible.

How to Get Paid Early

Getting paid early starts with applying for a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account or a Fifth Third Express Banking® Account. Find out which checking account is right for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fifth Third Early Pay provides access to your direct deposits up to two days before the scheduled payment. The availability of the funds is based on your employer’s payment instructions. So if your employer designates payments for every other Friday, you can access your money on Wednesdays. Not all direct deposits are eligible for Early Pay. It depends on the type of direct deposit and when Fifth Third receives the payroll deposit.
  • Fifth Third Early Pay is automatic. If you have a Fifth Third Momentum® Account or a Fifth Third Express Banking® Account and you’ve set up direct deposits for your paycheck, then getting paid early is automatic. There is no catch, no complications, and no lengthy setup. Instead, you simply establish your direct deposit. And we’ll notify you via the Fifth Third Bank mobile app when your money is available.
  • Getting paid early is free. Yep. There’s no fee to get paid early. In fact, there are no fees to maintain a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account. Considering that Gen Z and millennial consumers pay an average of three times more in banking fees than older consumers, saving on fees can make a big difference. That’s money you can save, invest or spend to further your goals.

When it comes to your paycheck, early access to your money is the best. With a Fifth Third Momentum® Checking Account or a Fifth Third Express Banking® Account, you can get paid two days before your official payday. Then you can plan or spend in the ways that make the most sense for your finances and your life.

Try Fifth Third’s Momentum Banking—banking made simple.

For those who want to strengthen money habits now to reach long-term financial wellness.

  • NO monthly service fee
  • NO minimum balance requirements
  • NO fees at over 40,000 partner ATMs nationwide1
  • Extra Time® to help avoid overdraft fees3
  • Access to money when you need it.

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