ISO 20022: Effective Implementation Strategies for Corporates Webinar

ISO 20022: Effective Implementation Strategies for Corporates Webinar


Check out our recent webinar covering ISO 20022: Effective Implementation Strategies for Corporates.

The ability to exchange remittance information electronically has the potential to increase the efficiency and automation of business-to-business (B2B) payments. ISO 20022 is a financial data standard which contains rich and structured data to support mainstream business needs across all payment types and business sizes. This webinar focuses on elements of ISO 20022 and effective implementation strategies for adoption of the standard.

Webinar Presenter

Richard Dooley

CTP, MBA, VP Treasury Management, Fifth Third Bank

Rich Dooley served as a Treasury Management Relationship Manager for the Corporate Banking and Real Estate Group at Regions. While at Regions, he was also a member of working groups focused on faster and real-time payments use cases and strategy and chaired a treasury management advisory board project team.

His financial services career spans time in global equities, property and casualty insurance, and corporate banking. Within the payments industry, he currently serves on several committees of the Accredited Standards Committee X9, focusing on faster and real time payments, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the payments space, and the ISO 20022 Financial Data Standard. Rich was one of the authors of the recently released ISO 20022 Market Guide (ISO 20022 Remittance Content Market Guide), and also serves on the education advisory committee of the Southern Financial Exchange (SFE Education).

Rich graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Political Science and has an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP).

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