Cell phone showing a completed online transaction on the screen.

An Introduction to Fintech 2.0


Embedded finance and the growth of banking as a service are redefining how consumers and businesses engage with financial services. Read how Newline™ by Fifth Third is pioneering innovative solutions to help build the next evolution of fintech.

As brands look for new ways to engage and retain customers and grow revenue bases, the rise of embedded finance is enabling them to offer financial products and services without the operational overhead required in the past. Developers are now able to integrate financial capabilities into existing non-financial apps and experiences that consumers and businesses use every day.

Developer-friendly, full-stack platforms like Newline™ by Fifth Third make this possible, combining the operating expertise of a leading regional bank with best-in-class technology and product capabilities that allows builders to create the ideal embedded payments experience for end users.

Download the whitepaper below to read about Newline and the future of embedded payments.