Business owner sits with a M&A advisor to discuss how to spruce up business curb appeal to sell.

Video Series: How to Improve Your Company's Curb Appeal Before Selling


A three-part video series that explains how business owners can improve the appeal of their company before putting it on the market.

Before putting your business up for sale and finding a buyer, it’s important to understand the key characteristics buyers look for. Maintaining your management team during and after a sale and ensuring you get a fair price are also important. Melina Audinelle, Managing Director for Fifth Third Securities, explains the actions owners can take now to help increase the attractiveness of their business and be better prepared before a potential sale.



Video 1: What Buyers Look For

In the first video of the series, owners can get a better understanding of the dynamics that can make their company more attractive to a buyer, including value proposition and key performance indicators. We’ll also help identify the vital resources needed to run a sale process.



Video 2: Retaining the Management Team During and After a Sale

In the second video of the series, Audinelle explains how business owners can help retain their management team and motivate them during a sale process using mechanisms such as equity incentives, phantom stocks and rollover investments.



Video 3: Ensuring You Get a Fair Price and Maintain Confidentiality

To complete the series, Audinelle provides insight into how a business owner can ensure that price is fair when they sell their business, citing the importance of advisors understanding the broad market and creating competition.



Ready to Sell Your Business?

Fifth Third’s experienced Investment Banking Group excels in both M&A strategy and execution. Our team is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of middle market and mid-cap companies, helping you achieve the highest possible valuation for your company. To read more on how to improve your business’ curb appeal, check out our article, "How to Improve Your Company’s Appeal to Sell." Ready to talk business? Contact our Investment Banking team to get started.

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