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How to Set Up Mobile Banking Accounts


How do you set up mobile banking accounts? Follow these 3 steps to streamline finances, money management, and more with mobile banking from Fifth Third.

Groceries. Toilet paper. Clothes. School supplies. In a world where anything can be ordered from the convenience of your computer or phone, why not add banking to the list of things that can be done right from your home? In fact, a large number of people have already caught on to the mobile banking trend—according to statistics, 75 percent of millennials used digital banking in 2019, with Generation X trailing slightly behind at almost 69 percent. If that’s not enough to prove online banking’s popularity, even 48 percent of Baby Boomers are logging on to take care of their money, as well. If you haven’t gone cashless yet, fear not—it can be easier than you think to do so.

1. Set Up Your Online Bank Account and Download the Mobile Banking App

Beginners can start with the basics: setting up their bank account online. All you’ll need to do is head to your bank website, enter in some basic information (your name, address and bank account information, for example) and create a username and password. You’ll want your password to be as secure as possible. For example, you should avoid commonly used passwords (like the word “password”) and make sure your password is at least eight characters long. Once you have access to your bank account online, you can also download the app on your phone for the same access using the same log on credentials.

What this helps with: Access to your bank account online is infinitely helpful. Not only can you check your account balances periodically to catch any potential fraud immediately and move money seamlessly from accounts within the same bank, but you can also set up bill payments, deposit checks through the app, have access to images of checks of yours that have been cashed, and so much more. Staying on top of your personal financial information has never been easier - especially for Fifth Third Momentum® Banking customers. If you have a free Fifth Third Momentum® Checking account, you’re one step ahead of the game when it comes to extra security and monitoring services through Fifth Third Identity Alert®. For more on keeping your online finances safe with Fifth Third, click here.

2. Consider Using Zelle

Once you have an online account with your bank, Zelle is a digital payments system that makes it easy to move money directly between most U.S. bank accounts immediately. Look for “QuickPay with Zelle” under a drop-down menu within your banking app, which allows you to send money from your free checking account, request and split money and even manage receipts, all in one place.

What this helps with: Using Zelle makes it a snap to provide quick cash payments to caretakers, handymen, cleaning services and more … without actually having to get cash out. It also makes it easy to divvy up payments when you’re out eating with friends or to pay for—and easily track—kids’ activity fees.

3. Decide on Using Apple or Samsung Pay

Mobile banking can also make payments a snap when you’re out and about. Consider setting up Apple Pay or Samsung Pay directly on your phone by connecting a preferred credit card directly to the system.

What this helps with: Imagine paying for something at the store without ever even removing your credit card or cash. With Apple Pay, once you have an account set up, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader wherever you might be—at a store or in a restaurant or taxi, to name a few—and wait for the ‘Done’ and checkmark to appear. The charge will be automatically sent to your linked card, and you can move on with your day. The process for Samsung Pay works similarly.

Safe and secure online banking makes our hectic lives just a little bit easier. Everything from keeping an eye out for fraud to cashing checks to making payments can now be done from the comfort of our phones or computers. Access to your entire banking world at your fingertips is just a few steps away—why not get started today?

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