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Wellness and Support

COVID Wellness and Support:

We Are Here for You

As coronavirus impacts our communities, it won’t impact our commitment to serve you. We will be there to support you through the new circumstances and challenges you face.

As we work alongside you to navigate these uncertain times, we are encouraging our customers to work through our COVID-19 Wellness Checklist, a simple guide to steps you can take to prepare for and cope with the impact of COVID-19. Please note that the information and links provided for non-Fifth Third sources are some, but not all, of the sources of information available. Customers should make their own decisions based on individual analysis of all of the information available.

The Government Stimulus

How to access benefits and how we can help

At Fifth Third, we’re proud to support the implementation of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. The government stimulus offers a range of benefits, including direct payments, and tax relief for businesses.

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Protect Your Finances

In uncertain times, the first thing to do is protect what you have. In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this means protecting the health of your family and your community—in addition to protecting your hard-earned savings.

Your Physical Health

Your Financial Health

Managing Your Income

Maintaining income during times of uncertainty is paramount. This can mean maximizing your current work performance to retain income as well as looking for new sources of income.

Managing Your Expenses

Managing your expenses and finances during these uncertain times can be daunting. With expenses fluctuating, stock market volatility and grim economic headlines, we are likely to feel vulnerable. Here are some example steps to take to help weather these challenging times:

Available Assistance

Fifth Third is here to help

The current economic environment may necessitate assistance to meet basic needs for food, housing, health care, and other needs. Fifth Third, federal, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations, provide a number of programs to support individuals and families.

Government Programs

There are a number of federal and state government assistance programs and relief options available. Some have eligibility criteria–such as having an income under a certain level, or being a member of a community such as a veteran, farmer, or small business owner. Other programs, by contrast, are available more broadly. There are also relief options for some types of student loans and mortgages. Expand the boxes below to learn more about each.

How We All Can Help

During this time of uncertainty, many would like to know how they can help and connect to their communities. Although many of us are currently isolated, there are still a number of things that are in our control and ways that we can help. A few examples include direct donations, supporting senior citizens, or giving blood. The following articles provide a number of ways to stay connected and support our communities:

Building relationships with our customers, businesses and communities is a key focus for us at Fifth Third. While the current environment poses a number of challenges, it also provides an opportunity to slow down, reconnect and focus on those relationships that are important in our lives. Take this time to reach out to family, friends and loved ones. During these times, a simple call to a family member or a kind word to a neighbor can go a long way.

As always, thank you for choosing Fifth Third.