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Wellness and Support

COVID Wellness and Support:

We Are Here for You

As coronavirus impacts our communities, it won’t impact our commitment to serve you. We will be there to support you through the new circumstances and challenges you face.

As we work alongside you to navigate these uncertain times, we are encouraging our customers to work through our COVID-19 Wellness Checklist, a simple guide to steps you can take to prepare for and cope with the impact of COVID-19. Please note that the information and links provided for non-Fifth Third sources are some, but not all, of the sources of information available. Customers should make their own decisions based on individual analysis of all of the information available.

The Government Stimulus

At Fifth Third, we’re proud to support the implementation of the CARES Act. The new $2 trillion government stimulus offers a range of benefits, including direct payments, student loan relief and tax relief for businesses.

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As always, thank you for choosing Fifth Third.