Cash Vault Services

Streamline Your Cash Processing

If your business handles large volumes of currency and coin, Fifth Third Cash Vault Services can help you maximize safety, convenience, accuracy, and efficiency by offering a comprehensive method for cash and coin processing.

Speed up processing time, while ensuring accuracy and security, with a complete solution that includes:

  • Automated equipment
  • Experienced personnel
  • Advanced surveillance equipment
  • Strict procedures

A Nationwide Vault Network You Can Count On

We have over 200 network vault locations, covering 45 states. Our vault network allows us to provide a nationwide solution to facilitate your cash processing needs. All deposit and change order implementations, customer service and billing flow through Fifth Third for consistency, regardless of supporting vault vendor.

Cash Vault Insurance Solutions

In addition to our Cash Vault Services, we offer two insurance solutions to protect your business against potential cash losses and theft.

CPS Safe Secure1, 2

Insure your safe and the cash inside it.

  • Protect against losses due to safe burglary
  • Fast and easy claims handling
  • Affordable policy options

Cash Vault Direct Secure

Insure your money while it’s in transit.

  • Remove the worry from transporting cash
  • Fast and easy claims handling
  • Convenient payment options
  • Comprehensive cash vault risk program