Cash Vault Direct

Fifth Third’s Cash Vault Direct (CVD) is an innovative, industry-leading solution that extends our internal vault network nationally by enabling clients to use the USPS for their courier needs.  CVD allows clients to leverage USPS to transport their low value currency deposits and change orders to and from our Fifth Third internal cash vault.

Key Features

  • Allows client to leverage industry leading non-armored courier (USPS) to transport low dollar-value currency deposits to a 5/3 owned and managed cash vault
  • Powered by an intuitive, user-friendly web application, clients experience full transparency to their cash supply chain

Key Benefits

  • Allow employees to remain in store adding value to core business
  • Mitigate potential safety risk around employees transporting currency
  • Reduce courier expenses
  • Improve visibility of deposit and change order status
  • Optimize oversight and management through consolidation of non-relationship banks