Commercial card program

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Effective business management requires clarity. That is, having control and precise information on every aspect of day-to-day operations. Our Commercial Card Program provides you with greater control and vision—the ability to know who is spending, how much is being spent, which budgets are being impacted, which vendors are being paid, the timing of your payments, and how your payment schedule can impact your overall working capital. Whether you choose our chip enabled Commercial Card or Fifth Third ePay program, you’ll have:

  • Greater control over your working capital
  • Improved cash flow by extending your days-payable-outstanding
  • Better management of vendor expenses and employee spending 

Commercial Card


  • Consolidate vendor payments and business expenses such as inventory, fuel, utilities, and travel and entertainment onto a single account
  • Improve cash flow management, reduce costs, and get more control over payments and purchases
  • Set spending limits, with purchases charged back to designated accounts
  • Take advantage of more detailed and efficient management of your financial data
  • Establish preferred vendors and set spending limits that tie into your budgets
  • Negotiate improved terms with vendors, and maximize days-payable-outstanding and cash flow
  • Manage all your cardholder accounts through our convenient online portal, Fifth Third DirectSM
  • Additionally, your cardholders can securely access their employer-issued corporate travel card or purchasing card from the Commercial Cardholder Portal website or via their mobile device 


  • Make important business decisions with a clearer vision of your overall working capital
  • Improve management of purchases with assigned spending limits
  • Simplify account management, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Eliminate the use of costly checks
  • Enhance the management of your budget with customizable reporting and analysis parameters
  • View and manage your financial data with Fifth Third Direct’sSM consolidated online interface
  • Reduce risks associated with many common forms of fraud such as check fraud, wire fraud, ACH debit fraud, and more 

Fifth Third ePay


  • Electronically generate Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) to provide efficient, secure payments
  • Make immediate, next business day or scheduled date/time requests for VCNs, which then can be used for vendor payments
  • Send payment files from your ERP system to be settled to virtual card accounts
  • Better manage and track payment processes with our web application’s approval workflows
  • Capture multiple custom data features and map transaction requests into our online reporting platform
  • Better control the timing of your settlements
  • Set individual or departmental budget limits
  • Reduce your exposure to fraud with transaction-level controls and limited-use virtual card numbers
  • Transition from a check-based payments platform to a card-based system with improved financial reporting, auditing, and budget forecasting


  • Borrow less, use less credit, pay down high interest debts, pay dividends, and invest more with improved cash flow
  • Streamline accounts payable processes
  • Help increase your days-payable-outstanding and set up recurring payments to avoid late fees and charges
  • Reduce the need for multiple cards to be issued to various departments and employees
  • Avoid per-transaction fees associated with checks, ACH, or wire transfer payments when you utilize electronic payments
  • Eliminate checks, multiple credit card statements, and expense reports that are late or missing
  • Integrate electronic payments into your existing front-end processes for issuing purchase orders, obtaining approvals, and receiving invoices

Help reduce fraud with our commercial card program

Our extensive experience in providing banking and financial solutions has kept us on the forefront of anti-fraud security measures. Our commercial card program is one example of how we help keep your important data and financial resources safer through our comprehensive fraud protection efforts and technologies.

As a part of our commercial card fraud solutions, cardholders will be automatically enrolled into Fifth Third Bank Commercial Card 2-Way Fraud Alerts. If we have cardholder mobile numbers or email on file and suspicious activity occurs on their accounts, cardholders will receive real-time notifications to their mobile phone, via text message1 , and/or to their email address. Cardholders can respond to the text notification via their mobile phone to validate the transaction or mark it as fraudulent2 , thus immediately blocking the card.

We take fraud protection seriously. If you suspect your Fifth Third account has been the target of a phishing scheme or other fraudulent activity, contact us immediately. We’re here to provide protection and ensure the information you entrust with us remains safe. Review our privacy and security practices here: