Paying Agent

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Free up your staff from the burden of complex payments

Improve payment efficency and reduce errors with Paying Agent, Fifth Third’s dynamic, online payment processing service for leasing companies.

By combining our in-depth industry knowledge with our suite of sophisticated treasury management solutions, we’re able to offer this robust payment management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of leasing companies. With Paying Agent, you can reduce expensive transaction fees by managing multiple payments to multiple parties by way of a single payment. Online payments are secure, and by increasing payment efficiency, you’ll reduce the number of errors, as well.

Conveniently and securely manage leasing payments:

  • Single-payment address
  • 24-hour access to online payment information, including indexed check images, invoices and correspondence
  • Manage and track multiple payments from lessees in real time
  • Statement history available for up to 180 days

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