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In the fast-paced retail world, grocers need to be streamlined and efficient to hit razor-thin margins. We understand labor, inefficiencies and store security are top of mind, and you’d like your managers to be focused on customers and employees instead of on tactical functions. Increasing your working capital is imperative because inflation is impacting your bottom line.

Fifth Third has helped many grocers overcome these challenges by automating their cash handling with grocery store logistics. We can partner with you to optimize your labor, reduce costs and shrinkage, and increase safety, all while empowering you to manage your working capital more efficiently.

According to the National Grocers Association, many retail and wholesale grocers are operating their stores with only 50% of their usual workforce1.

Managing employees to their proper roles is key: 80% of food industry retailers said their ability to attract and retain workers had been challenged, resulting in a negative business effect2.

Benefits of Cash Automation for Grocery Stores

gaming industry iconSave Your Managers’ Time

Our grocery store solutions will count, reconcile, and manage incoming cash leading to optimized processes and resource efficiencies.

gaming industry iconKeep Your Employees and Cash Safe

We will secure your funds making your store a safer place to work and shop, while reducing shrinkage to optimize profitability.

gaming industry iconReduce Errors

Our automation reduces counting errors and eliminates the need for multiple cash recounts.

gaming industry iconEliminate Trips to the Bank

Cash is credited to your bank account, increasing your working capital and reducing banking relationships.

gaming industry iconReduce Dependency on Armored Events

We will manage your courier relationships on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

"As the 2nd largest cash service provider3, Fifth Third is dedicated to supporting grocers and their cash management needs."

Experience and Expertise

We’ve had years of experience working with grocers and have industry knowledge, tools and insights to give your business a strategic advantage. We understand the unique challenges you are facing and have worked with a variety of retailers within the industry including:

  • National grocery chains
  • Independent and regional grocers
  • Supercenters
  • Wholesalers/clubs
  • Travel centers
  • Convenience stores

Close up view of a contactless card reader at a grocery store.

Are you a different type of retailer? Check out our cash solutions.

Our Consultative Approach

Are you currently dealing with several different vendors? Fifth Third can provide you with comprehensive cash services. One of our dedicated grocery experts will take the time to get to know your specific business needs and processes. Then, they will provide tailored solutions to solve those needs—helping you run more efficiently and improve your bottom line.

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Learn how we can help your business optimize your cash handling process and leverage your working capital.

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