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Effectively Manage Equipment

The capital equipment your company utilizes is a key component in running the business. Managing that equipment can affect your company’s long-term growth and profitability. Tracking and managing equipment can be cumbersome, time consuming, and a drain on multiple resources.

Fifth Third offers an efficient solution to help your business centralize this function, streamline workflows, and provide transparency across all departments of your organization—from purchasing to facilities to finance—for better planning and decision making.

Meet Fifth Third TrakMateTM

Meet Fifth Third TrakMateTM

Fifth Third TrakMateTM is an industry-leading, cloud-based platform that helps efficiently track and manage valuable assets throughout their life cycle— from acquisition to disposal. TrakMateTM provides in-depth reporting and planning tools along with the data you need to make strategic decisions and plan for changing business needs.

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TrakMateTM Benefits

  • Manages leases across multiple vendors and systems
  • Tracks equipment real time 24/7 based on location, serial number, and most importantly the maturity date
  • Improves inventory management and visibility across the organization
  • Improves forecasting and budgeting
  • Decreases costs and achieve optimal ROI

What Does TrakMateTM Manage?

  • IT Equipment
    • Printer/Scanners
    • Monitors
    • Tablets
    • Phone Systems
    • Servers
    • Copiers
    • Computers
    • And more
  • Medical Equipment
    • Surgical Tables
    • Lab Equipment
    • CT/PET Scanners
    • Anesthesia Systems
    • Ultrasound Machines
    • And more

Asset Leasing Software Capabilities

  1. Easy Integration

TrakMateTM seamlessly integrates with your existing IT systems.

  • Syncs with systems from leading manufacturers such as ServiceNow, SolarWinds, and more.
  • Custom integrations available for your unique needs:
    • Automated data sync
    • Predefined widgets
    • Low-impact integration
    • Seamless data exchange
  1. Greater Visibility

TrakMateTM provides a holistic dashboard view of documents and invoices for global visibility.

  • Search by serial number, location, maturity date, rent, etc.
  • Track equipment classifications and data from multiple manufacturers.
  • Track assets, invoices, and cost centers linked to a specific lease number.
  1. Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Access vital information at any time with confidence and accuracy.

  • 24/7 monitoring and report generation
  • Data validation
  • Casualty loss notifications
  • Active vs. inactive leases
  1. Validation & Data Integrity

TrakMateTM helps ensure your equipment is always up to date.

  • Real-time updates
  • Sophisticated APIs
  • Enhanced filtering for better data analysis
  • Accurate equipment information
  1. Robust Reporting

In-depth reporting capabilities can be used to protect your organization from technology risk and obsolescence while improving forecasting and budgeting.

  • Create and view reports
  • Upgrade/migrate/replace options
  • Conduct cost analysis

A Trusted Lease Asset Management Partner

Fifth Third Bank is a top regional bank with a 160-year history of helping businesses succeed. With commercial banking offices from the east coast to the west coast, Fifth Third has the experts to help you proactively manage your assets to increase your bottom line. When you partner with Fifth Third, a top 10 equipment finance company*, you’ll get a dedicated relationship manager who will work with you to ensure you are getting the maximum value out of your equipment.

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