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Our customized technology finance programs make it easy to acquire, replace, or return the equipment needed to maintain a healthy technology lifecycle. Whether your business is expanding, downsizing, or going through a reorganization, learn how our leasing and financing programs can support your evolving business needs.

A Streamlined Process

Our leasing programs reduce your administrative burden and simplify lifecycle processes. We establish a proactive approach to keeping equipment, such as IT infrastructure, desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, printers, and copiers, up to date while delivering the lowest overall cost of usage.

The process is simple:

1Set Up

There are no application fees. Your lease line of credit is based on your business needs with fast, painless approval.


Get equipment when you need it, from the vendor you choose—all delivered around your schedule.


Track schedules, locations, maturity dates, and more with the industry-leading TrakMateTM platform.


Return, re-lease, or purchase equipment at lease end. We handle disposal and data wipe for you.

Industries We Serve

We serve a wide-range of industries from manufacturing and food processing to distribution and transportation, with particular specialization in healthcare, material handling and professional services.


We help healthcare providers stay up to date with their IT, radiology, laboratory, and other medical devices in the face of mounting pressure to meet cost-savings goals.

A scientist sits near two computers and uses a microscope in a healthcare research facility.

Material Handling

Over time, maintenance costs escalate, moving parts need replacing, and batteries fail. We can help ensure that your fleet is always up to date and in optimal working condition.

Interior view of a large material handling warehouse facility with stacked shelving.­

Professional Services

A top challenge that professional services organizations face is keeping up with technology. We help you evolve your technology strategy to better meet customer expectations.

A woman stands near large pieces of machinery that holds IT information.

Benefits of Leasing with Fifth Third Technology Finance

  • Full Transparency: Extend the life of your lease programs with our straightforward approach.
  • Upfront Terms: Get the full economics of the deal with quotes based on residual values.
  • Complete Visibility: Stay on top of schedules with 24/7 visibility into your lease portfolio.
  • Automatic Refresh Cycles: Match lease terms to an asset’s useful life so your equipment is always up to date.
  • No Back-End Costs: We base our lease rates on realistic resale values with no hidden fees at lease end.
  • Lease Management: Track schedules, locations, maturity dates, and more with our TrakMateTM platform.
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IT Asset Disposal

We work with you throughout the entirety of your equipment lifecycle, helping you properly dispose of your equipment at lease end to protect your information, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and maximize your economic return.


When your equipment has exceeded its useful life, we can help dispose of it responsibly by recycling down to metals, plastics, and other raw materials to minimize environmental impact and meet EPA regulations.


If your obsolete technology equipment has any remaining market value, our team will find the best way to repurpose the assets for maximum ROI. Any excess proceeds are returned to you.

Data Wipe

Have your hard drives wiped at the end of your lease to comply with company, regulatory, and environmental requirements. We ensure secure destruction of your information with certificates of disposal.

Efficiently Manage Lease Schedules and Asset Data

Fifth Third TrakMateTM is an industry leading, cloud-based platform that helps efficiently track and manage valuable assets throughout their lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal.

  • Manage leases across multiple vendors and systems
  • Track equipment real time 24/7 based on location, serial number and most importantly the maturity date
  • Improve inventory management and visibility across the organization
  • Improve forecasting and budgeting
  • Decrease costs and achieve optimal ROI
  • Comply with equipment safety regulations
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