Commercial Equipment Finance

Moving forward with you

Leasing and financing commercial equipment is a critical decision, and having the right experience can make all the difference. At, Fifth Third Equipment Finance, we're more than just a source of equipment finance solutions. We're a strategic partner.

Whether it's a heavy equipment lease or a technology upgrade, we can help you make the most of every opportunity.

Financing to fit your business equipment needs

We offer competitive structures and rates, including 100% financing, flexible terms, fixed and floating rates—giving you the power to get the financing solution that’s right for your equipment needs.

Industry expertise

We offer expertise in the core equipment industries—construction, food and beverage, transportation, and manufacturing—as well as high-growth industries like healthcare, IT, and renewable energy. A wide range of equipment assets can be financed including construction, distribution, food processing, marine, transportation, air, and rail.

Achieve your operational goals

Use Fifth Third Equipment Financing to help:

  • Conserve cash, preserve bank lines of credit
  • Transfer depreciation expense
  • Improve cash flow and liquidity
  • Preserve capital
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence
  • Accomplish tax and accounting goals 
  • Comply with restrictive covenants
  • Lower payments
  • Improve balance sheet presentation

Technology Finance

Offering flexible leasing programs for IT, healthcare and material handling equipment, plus a cloud-based toolset that can help your business manage, maintain and replace rapidly depreciating assets.

One bank for your needs

We offer a full range of commercial banking solutions for your needs, serving as one bank you can value and trust.

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