Selling Your Business: Meet Susan Linson



Banking is a people business. Behind every transaction and number, there’s a face, a family and a future. Behind some transactions is the opportunity to help others find happiness as they prepare for retirement.

Susan Linson came to Fifth Third Bank in 1995 as a business customer. She ran RoadWorks, a company that manufactures aftermarket parts and accessories for semitrailers. For more than 20 years, Fifth Third helped her with a variety of transactions, including financing an expansion in the early 2000s.

When her husband got sick, Susan had to take a step back from RoadWorks’ day-to-day operations and trust the team she’d built. When her husband later passed away, she decided it was time to sell the business to spend more time with her family and community.

Teams in Fifth Third’s Commercial Banking and Investment Banking divisions collaborated to advise Susan on the options for her business.

In just five months the deal was closed, and Fifth Third helped Susan sell her business to a company she knew would protect her legacy, her employees and provide her with the closure she wanted.

To learn more about Susan Linson and her story, watch the video.

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