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Asset Managers See Mergers as Key to Survival, State Street Says

Asset managers expect to see more competitors merge at a fast pace over the next five years as firms seek to compete with cheaper passive funds and pay for costly regulation, a State Street survey showed. 

Source: Sarah Jones from Bloomberg
Doctor sits at a desk and researches the landscape of healthcare leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare Leadership During COVID-19

The landscape of healthcare leadership has shifted in the wake of COVID-19. Here's how healthcare professionals are studying changes and expected trends.

A telecommuncation tower on a clowdy day

How Telecom Infrastructure Impacts the Competitive Landscape

An increased demand of fast and reliable telecommunications is changing the industry. Here's how telecom infrastructure impacts the competitive landscape.

Middle Market M&A — Selling A Company? What Is My Company Worth? Part 3

Selling a company?  In this series of articles on the value of your business, we’ve tried to acknowledge a few things. 

Source: Todd Ganos from Forbes
Exterior view of an office building with large glass windows and rust-colored stone siding with green bushes.

Commercial Real Estate: 2019 Trend Watch

Whether you're a seasoned investor or curious business person, learn about the developing commercial real estate trends for 2019 with Fifth Third Bank.

How a Blockchain Payment Processor Can Improve Industry Transactions

Now that companies are using blockchain to work in different areas, like supply chains, there’s both a flow of money going in one direction and a flow of goods in the other. And linking the flow of goods and money becomes extremely important.

How Community Solar can Benefit Business

How Community Solar can Benefit Business

Community solar is a pioneering model that enables everyone to reap the rewards of clean electricity, by pooling their resources.

Non-Disclosure Agreements For Mergers and Acquisitions

In merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, confidential and proprietary information often needs to be shared with the other party. But the path to doing so safely is making sure that the other party is bound to respect the confidential information provided and not use it to the disclosing party’s detriment 

Source: Richard Harroch from Forbes

Which Is Better, A Financial Buyer Or A Strategic Buyer?

If you decide to sell your business to an outside acquirer, you’re going to have to decide between a financial and a strategic buyer. Understanding the different motivations of these two buyers can be the key to getting a good price for your business. 

Source: John Warrillow from Forbes
Five Signs That Stores (Not E-Commerce) Are The Future Of Retail

Five Signs That Stores (Not E-Commerce) Are The Future Of Retail

Of course, e-commerce is informing how we shop, having an outsized impact on traditional retail: from the rise of buy online, pick up in-store perks to the fact that Amazon is now the second biggest seller of consumer electronics after Best Buy.

But the spate of retail bankruptcies, store closings and liquidations doesn’t mean consumers have traded in bricks for clicks. They reflect a mixed brew of factors, including a vastly over-stored retail landscape still sized for a pre e-commerce/pre Great Recession shopping mindset, just as consumers buy fewer tangible things, like a new purse, opting for more experiential purchases, like a dinner out.

And despite all the chatter about e-commerce putting brick-and-mortar out of business, it’s the online-only merchants that are struggling to go it alone (think Etsy), as legacy retailers such as Wal-Mart buy up online merchants.

Infographic: Working with Real Estate Private Equity Funds

Considering working with real estate private equity funds? Learn about the four sources of capital, updated percentages, and more with Fifth Third Bank.

A male chef crouches down to pull a metal tray of freshly cooked biscuits out of an industrial oven in a bright kitchen.

How Food Incubators Support Innovation

Food companies continue to improve their way of supplying and delivering fresh foods to meet market demand. Learn how food incubators support innovation.

Middle Market M&A — Selling A Company? What Is My Company Worth? Part 4

Selling a company?  In this series of articles on the value of your business, we’ve tried to acknowledge a few things.

Source: Todd Ganos from Forbes
The FinTech effect and the disruption of financial services

The FinTech effect and the disruption of financial services

As the world stands on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way everyone lives, works and relates to each other, it will be possible to observe the complete disruption of many industries and their business models.

A group of three young urban farmers kneel down as they analyze heads of produce sprouting from the ground at dawn.

How to Optimize Logistics for Your Agribusiness

Are today's farmers missing out on additional revenue? Learn how farmers can optimize logistics for agribusiness and enhance income with Fifth Third Bank.

An upward view of tall skyscrapers with windows in a metropolitan city on a bright day with fluffy white clouds.

Working with Real Estate Private Equity Funds

Most real estate private equity funds are fairly similar, but no two funds are alike. Here are tips on how to work with real estate private equity funds.

A male construction worker monitors a row of windmills that are collecting energy for sustainable resources during dusk.

5 Ways Businesses Can Tap Into Sustainable Energy

Businesses are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint, and there's room to improve. Here are 5 ways businesses can tap sustainable energy.

Woman uses a mobile phone to make a digital transaction on an e-commerce website.

Fintech Payments: The Shift to Digitization

The pandemic has caused an increase in contactless payments. We talk about the future of buying behaviors, e-commerce, and risks to consumers and business.

Male warehouse worker take inventory at a distribution center to help manage supply chains during COVID-19.

Adjusting Supply Chains Amid COVID-19

The global shock waves caused by COVID-19 hit virtually every industry and supply chain. Were these adjustments just in time or just in case?

Rows of solar panels on top of a modern office building as the golden sunrise shines brightly at dawn.

Illinois Adjustable Block Program Snapshot

The Adjustable Block Program is a new incentive program that sets the stage for more solar power growth in Illinois. Learn more about solar energy today.

What's Your Lifeboat? Why You Need A Sustainability Backup Business

Killing your competition was basic good business. Until now. 

Source: Solitaire Townsend from Forbes
Private equity firm investing in a healthcare business and going over the acquisition contracts on an iPad.

Private Equity & the Digital Future of Healthcare

Private equity firms are seeing opportunity in the healthcare sector and investing accordingly while absorbing businesses. Here's what you need to know.

A woman with curly brown wears a white lab coat stands near large windows in a hospital while using a white tablet.

The Urgent Importance of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Learn about the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare and how it's a key factor in protecting doctor and patient information with Fifth Third Bank.

Good News About Divestitures

 Companies that regularly prune their portfolio, take an active hand in preparing assets for sale, manage the separation and use the sale funds to acquire core assets in a repeatable M&A program make divesting a win-win for buyers and sellers. 

Source: Bain Insights from Forbes
Group of medical professionals gather in a circle to discuss how payer-provider collaborations are improving healthcare.

How Payer-Provider Collaboration Is Helping to Change Healthcare

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, payors and healthcare providers are finding new ways to collaborate. Here's what to know with Fifth Third.

4 Key Phases of Successful Employee Wellness Programs

More and more, businesses are offering incentives to their employees to get their health in order—and employees are starting to expect it! Not only can an effective and engaging wellness program benefit your employees, it can benefit your entire business.

Exterior view of an office park building in the suburbs with a golden sunset among trees.

The New Face of Suburban Office Parks

Business real estate in major cities has skyrocketed in pricing sending many companies out into the suburbs where the cost per square foot is drastically lower.

Middle Market M&A — Selling A Company? What Is My Company Worth? Part 1

Selling a company?  In this series of articles on the value of your business, we’ve tried to acknowledge a few things. 

Source: Todd Ganos from Forbes
A close up view of a man and woman's hands as they hold pens and review a printed document on white paper.

Maximizing Falling Interest Rates to Raise Capital

Lower rates might be coming back in style. Learn more about interest rate trends and how to maximize falling interest rates to raise capital.

Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business

One in six U.S. adults owns a voice-activated smart speaker or device. We are already seeing the benefits of this in our homes, so what could voice interface technology do for our business?

Which States are Leading in Community Solar?

Which States are Leading in Community Solar?

Community solar is bringing the power of the sun to the masses. It enables groups of local businesses and residents to reap the rewards of clean electricity without the need to install panels on their roof. At least 19 states have picked up on this trend, here's a closer look at four states leading the pack.

Three men dressed in business casual clothing stand around a table and shake hands after discussing public financing.

How Cities Can Attract New Projects with Creative Public Financing

City officials are thinking of new ways to bring new projects to local areas through creative public financing strategies. Learn more with Fifth Third. 

Mobile Payments and Finance Should Accompany a Tech Revolution in the Back Office

Many executives don’t realize that the largest opportunity for digital transformation is actually behind the scenes—beginning with the back office.

The Value of Transitioning to Electronic Payments

The Value of Transitioning to Electronic Payments

A Case Study in Driving Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Middle Market M&A — Selling A Company? What Is My Company Worth? Part 5

Selling a company?  In this series of articles on the value of your business, we’ve tried to acknowledge a few things. 

Source: Todd Ganos from Forbes
Reputation is Vital to Survival in Turbulent Markets

Reputation is Vital to Survival in Turbulent Markets

What sets firms apart? What can leaders in developed markets learn from them? In the recent working paper Overcoming Institutional Voids: A Reputation-Based View of Long Run Survival, the authors find that an organization’s reputation is a crucial factor for long-term success. Less well understood is the key role played by resilience—an organization’s ability to overcome unexpected shocks.

View of a woman's hands holding an iPhone in a blue case as she sits at a wooden desk in front of an open silver laptop.

Fintech: Is the Tide Turning?

The number of fintech companies in the U.S. has greatly expanded in the last decade. Along with this comes fintech trends and developments. Learn more.

Mother sits at a table and watches a video on opportunities in the telemedicine market while tending to young children.

Finding Opportunities in the Growing Telemedicine Market

COVID-19 forced many healthcare professionals to meet with patients through telehealth, and it's here to stay. Learn more about the telemedicine market.

Middle Market M&A — Selling A Company? What Is My Company Worth? Part 2

Selling a company?  In this series of articles on the value of your business, we’ve tried to acknowledge a few things. 

Source: Todd Ganos from Forbes

Infographic: Opioids in America

For companies struggling to fill key positions, ‘Second Chancers’ are proving to be a first-rate solution

A group of two females and one male employee review notes on a tablet and black notebook in a brightly lit office space.

Finding the Right Fintech Partner Amid the Innovation

Fintech has grown into a industry that impacts many companies. If you're looking to expand your business, here's how to find the right fintech partner.

A recycle sign is printed on brown cardboard paper texture background.

Sustainable Packaging Trends: Green and Growing

As consumers and brands continue to focus on environmentally friendly products, we're beginning to see an increase in green packaging trends. Read more.

Exterior view of a brick healthcare building with large glass windows and outpatient and surgery signage on a sunny day.

Finding the Unbeaten Path in Commercial Real Estate

Today's real estate market presents an variety of commercial real estate investment opportunities. Learn about commercial real estate with Fifth Third Bank.    

This Is Not Your Typical Merger: Medicine Meets The Arts, Design And Business

This is not your typical ho-hum merger. It’s not every day (or every year or every decade) that a medical school with a long, distinguished history merges with a school well known for the arts and design. 

Source: Bruce Y. Lee from Forbes
A factory worker wears a white long-sleeve lab coat and blue gloves as they place freshly baked cookies on a tray.

How Supply Chains Could Affect Food Labels

Food supplies are presented with opportunity to attract customers based off product labeling and design. Here's how supply chains could affect food labels.

Five Strategies for Successfully Onboarding a New Payments Solution

Determining which new payments solution is best suited to the unique needs and goals of your business is important—but it is also only the beginning of the process. A successful implementation is equally vital.

Woman Construction Worker Installing Solar Panels

Expanding the Opportunity for Solar Growth in Illinois

Businesses in Illinois can save money by utilizing solar energy. Learn more about renewable solar energy programs, such as the Adjustable Block Program.    

Vertical Integration Is Picking Up Speed in the Technology Space

Vertical integration—the strategy of acquiring businesses that tangentially support your operations—is becoming the modern day choice for tech-sector businesses seeking to streamline processes, increase profits, gain market edge, and avoid finding themselves at the mercy of forces outside their control.

Aerial view looking down at a waterfront shipping port with stacks of colorful shipping containers, cranes, and a barge.

Customs Brokers: A Primer on How to Protect Your Business

As the global marketplace continues to develop, the benefits of customs brokers increase. Learn how customs brokers can help business and supply chains.

A rear view of a man with short brown hair and black glasses as he sits in front of a laptop computer on a wooden desk.

How the End of LIBOR Affects Banks, Borrowers & Investors

The end of The London Interbank Offered Rate is near. As LIBOR rates become a thing of the past, here's how banks, investors, and borrowers are affected.

A woman holds a white iPad over a wooden counter as a man completes an electronic payment on a white iPhone.

How FinTech is Infiltrating New Areas (and Creating Opportunities)

The advancement of fintech is making its way to new industries and areas of everyday business. Here's how fintech is creating new technology opportunities.

Where Banks Can Boost Transparency in Payments

The levels of transparency are inconsistent in the digital payment space, especially in cross-border payments. Payments can be delayed because of a regulatory issue, a sanction query or a potential fraud alert.

The Real Opportunities in Opportunity Zones

The Real Opportunities in Opportunity Zones

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created a new program for those seeking to shelter capital gains. Learn more about the option of reinvesting gains in Opportunity Zones (OZ) through Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) and the many potential tax benefits that go along with these investments.

Four Ways to Maximize Your Financial Supply Chain

Four Ways to Maximize Your Financial Supply Chain

Businesses understand the importance of managing their physical supply chains, including the sourcing and tracking of raw materials and parts, and shipping finished goods to customers.

6 Trends Changing Solar Financing

Buoyed by new cost-reducing technologies and government incentives, the solar energy industry is enjoying it's time in the spotlight.

Shopping Malls Rethink Their Business to Survive

Shopping Malls Rethink Their Business to Survive

As the shopping habits of consumers continue to change with technology and trends, shopping malls are faced with the threat of closure. Find out what mall owners and commercial real estate companies are doing about it.

Mapping the Customer Journey for B2B Contextual Commerce

Mapping the Customer Journey for B2B Contextual Commerce

The popularity of buying in-the-moment isn’t limited to the B2C world. B2B leaders are seeking to follow suit, but the customer journey looks a lot different for B2B buyers than for everyday consumers.

A close up view of a pair of hands using a tablet device with charts and lines on the screen with data in the background.

LIBOR, Banking Partners, Treasurers Plan for Change

Learn how banking partners and treasurers can work together to prepare for changes with LIBOR. Read more about LIBOR trends and finances with Fifth Third.

3 M&A Trends Middle Market Companies Should Be Watching Closely

Strong job growth and rising interest rates are not the only signs that the United States economy is humming along nicely: There is also record-breaking merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in North America. 

Is Community Solar Right for my Business?

As prices decline and sustainability issues gain further traction in the public consciousness, nearly half of all U.S. electricity customers plan to embrace solar power in the next five years.

Why Company Culture Is Critical To M&A Success

In all of the excitement of target identification and selection, it can be easy to grab onto the obvious similarities of the two organizations and tout how aligned the two workplace cultures are. Doing this is easy but it’s not enough. 

Source: Chris Cancialosi from Forbes
Industry Focus: FASB and the New Leasing Requirements

Industry Focus: FASB and the New Leasing Requirements

The ASC 842 rules change how operating leases are reported and how lease data is captured. Here’s a look at how these changes might impact specific industries.

How Tax Reform May Impact Your Equipment Financing Strategy

How Tax Reform May Impact Your Equipment Financing Strategy

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included some changes in financing equipment purchases that may lead your business to revisit its strategy. 

The Other Recovery: Opioids and the Business Community

For companies struggling to fill key positions, ‘Second Chancers’ are proving to be a first-rate solution

Cryptocurrency Basics for Business

Curious about digital currency and how it affects your business? Learn the basics.

Six Tech Trends Shaping Commercial Real Estate

Six Tech Trends Shaping Commercial Real Estate

From property development to renovating existing structures, technology is greatly impacting the growth of commercial real estate. Learn about the top six trends and how the commercial real estate industry is expected to grow.

Mapping the Customer Journey for Contextual Commerce B2C

Mapping the Customer Journey for Contextual Commerce B2C

Contextual commerce eliminates the extra steps—allowing customers to convert right at the point of discovery.

New Report: 70% Of Finance Execs Believe Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay

New Report: 70% Of Finance Execs Believe Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay

A report released by consulting firm Greenwich Associates says that over 70% of institutional finance executives surveyed believe that cryptocurrency will have a place in the future of the industry.

Telemedicine Market Ripe for Growth

Telemedicine Market Ripe for Growth

Half of U.S. hospitals now use some form of telemedicine, also known as virtual health care technology. Devices such as two-way cameras allow specialists to remotely interact with patients. Find out more about this investment opportunity and discover the reasons for growth in this area.

Computerized images of global economic data due to COVID-19.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Global Economy

How has Coronavirus impacted the global economy? Learn how COVID-19 has affected supply chain disruption, manufacturing trends, and more across the world.

A young woman wearing a red sweater holds her toddler daughter while picking out snacks in a brightly lit grocery store.

How Economic Development Tools Help Food Companies Expand

Consumer packaged goods make up one of the largest industries in North America. Here's how economic development tools are helping food companies grow. 

Value-Destructive No More, Acquisitions Now Benefit Shareholders

It turns out investment bankers may be worth their million-dollar advisory fees after all. After years of wealth destruction, acquisitions now create more value for acquiring shareholders than ever before, according to a study published in the August edition of the Journal of Corporate Finance. 

Source: Cormac Mullen from Bloomberg
A male employee wearing a neon green jacket sorts through sustainable packaging for a business and considers costs.

How Businesses Manage the Additional Cost of Sustainable Packaging

Using sustainable packaging is a great way for your business to be eco-friendly, but it can get costly. Here's how to manage sustainable packaging costs.

Contextual Commerce is the Next Evolution of E-Commerce

So as buying behavior gets more immediate, providing instant-purchase ecosystems—eliminating the clicks and navigations that dull consumer ardor—will radically reduce the time between discovery and conversion.

Man signs real estate paper work

Automating Accounts Payable Processes to Drive Efficiency, Cut Costs, Improve Controls and Reduce Fraud

Sibcy Cline, the largest real estate broker in the area, still relied on paper checks for much of their payment processes. Fifth Third Bank worked with them to find a solution.    

Close-up view of an elder man's hands typing on a black keyboard as he looks into government fraud prevention.

Fraud Prevention and Detection in Government and Institution Sectors

As government and institution sectors depend on technology to house information, here's why the need for secure fraud prevention and security increases.

A man wearing a neon green vest and hard hat takes notes on a laptop as he stands near a row of windmills at sunset.

5 Ways Mobile Technology Helps Manage Your Workplace

Technology helps businesses use their mobile workforce in more creative, efficient ways. Learn how mobile technology helps manage workplace communication.

Equipment Purchasing: Taking the Strategic View

The decision to purchase or replace a piece of large equipment should be part of a company’s larger capital expenditure strategy.

What Employee Engagement Means And Why It Matters

What Employee Engagement Means And Why It Matters

Employee engagement is key for successful small businesses.

Illustration of a character dumping large coins into an oversized piggy bank.

How to Create an Efficient Accounts Payable Process

The key to a successful accounts payable process is creating an efficient one. Read how Fifth Third Bank incorporates automated payable tactics for teams.

Four outdoor chairs sit under a dark awning attached to a house with brown wooden siding and white paint at dawn.

Everything You Need to Know About 1031 Exchanges

What is a 1031 exchange? If you plan on investing in commercial property, here's everything to know about 1031 exchanges with Fifth Third Bank. Read more.

Business professionals sit at a conference table and discuss ways to help mitigate and reduce fraud in not-for-profits.

How to Reduce Fraud Risk for Not-for-Profits

As you work to refine anti-fraud control policies at your nonprofit, here are ways to help mitigate fraud risk for both internal and external networks.

Selling A Business Is More Than A Transaction, It's A Transformation

The savvy seller seeks out the experienced support they need to do this legwork. The wise adviser recognizes that a collaborative and holistic approach better serves their client and creates a win for all stakeholders in the transition of a business. Together, they recognize that a change in ownership is not just a transaction. They create the transformation. 

Source: Forbes Finance Council from Forbes
Man wearing a blue button up shirt holds a smartphone and researches how COVID-19 impacts the future of Fintech.

COVID-19's Impact on the Future of Fintech

COVID-19 has created steep challenges for financial institutions - as well as opportunities. Here's how Coronavirus has impacted the future of Fintech.

How Bots Can Optimize Money Management for Your Business

Growing adoption of virtual payments, cryptocurrencies, and cloud solutions is making money more digital than ever. Yet there are still plenty of friction points when it comes to how companies manage finance internally.

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Fifth Third Bank is committed to sharing new and innovative ways to help your business to continue to grow.

How Automated Validation Can Help Achieve Business Goals

The payments process is the beginning of so many important parts of good business. But one of the major pain points to leveraging these benefits is validation and reconciliation. Automation can help make the payment process more efficient.

How Leasing Standards Will Change Under the New FASB Requirements

Traditionally operating leases were mere footnotes in the financial statement, with limited impact on the liabilities assessed by investors and potential creditors.

Bringing Automation to the Push for AP Optimization

See why automating invoice-to-pay workflow is the last line of defense in the battles against data entry errors, missed vendor discounts, and accounting inaccuracy.

Digital Transformation for the Middle Market Business

With rapid technological advances profoundly altering consumers’ preferences and priorities, achieving and maintaining a high level of digital agility is no longer optional for mid-size companies striving to be competitive in a global marketplace. 

Businesswoman researches how technology impacts the legal profession on a. laptop computer.

How Technology Impacts the Legal Profession

New technology allows the law profession to automate processes and operate more as businesses. Here's how technology is changing the legal profession.

Cobot on manufacturer floor

Cobots Could Help Boost Manufacturers' Productivity and Profits

How do cobots impact manufacturing and influence increased productivity and profits? Read how cobots are used in manufacturing and their benefits today.

View of a man wearing a plaid shirt, overalls, and work gloves uses his black Apple Watch while working in a warehouse.

Wearable Tech: The Latest in Warehouse Changes

Wearable technology is taking warehouses and modern workpalces by storm. From smartphones to smartwatches, here's the latest in wearable tech trends.

A women works remotely from home with her toddler nearby and learn how to avoid micromanaging fellow remote workers.

7 Ways Avoid Micromanaging Employees When Working Remotely

Working from home is an adjustment for employees, managers, and supervisors alike. Here are tips to help you avoid micromanaging remote workers.

A teleworker working as a remote customer service agent for an online company.

Managing Remote Customer Service Teams

Here's how to manage a remote customer service team, potential challenges, and how to make sure your team has necessary tools to work remotely.

The 5 Most Common Frustrations of an Entrepreneur

The 5 Most Common Frustrations of an Entrepreneur

Small business survey results to help with informed business decisions

Seeking a Buyer? These Are the Metrics You Should Focus On

As you aim for an acquisition, potential buyers will also want to know more about specific KPIs that highlight what they deem important. Understanding what metrics acquirers pay attention to is a critical step.

10 Things Customer Success Leaders Do for Their Clients

Customer service means customer success these days, and as the field grows, more roles for leadership open up. Customer success leaders need strong visionary and management skills, but leadership encompasses many vital components when it comes to serving clients.

Building an Intelligent Global Payments Infrastructure

Building an Intelligent Global Payments Infrastructure

With the wrong strategy, cross-border payment costs eat into revenues. To arrive at an infrastructure that fits your needs, consider both the scope of your operations and the global forces at pl

How to Manage Cash Flow with a Long Sales Cycle

A disruption in cash flow can cost a business far more than the dollar amount owed. In fact, according to a CB Insight research report, more than a quarter of startups fail in part because of such issues.

Is Plastic the Future for Digital Payments?

Although many view payment via smartphone as the future of digital payments, both online and at the point of sale, some digital payment leaders now seem to be taking a step back from the digital revolution. 

Era of Business Disruption-Why C-Suite Needs To Focus On An Organic Growth Strategy

Era of Business Disruption-Why C-Suite Needs To Focus On An Organic Growth Strategy

Collaboration amongst key C-suite members to make evidence-based decisions regarding corporate strategy.

'Growth Hacking' for Mid-size Companies: Why M&A is the Real Key

The startup world provides plenty of inspiration. “Growth hacking” is one example: The strategy is to lead with a “growth hacker” mindset – maintaining an absolute commitment to growth at all costs. But the answer, especially for mid-market companies, depends on what kind of growth really matters.

How Middle Market Companies Can Approach Buy-Side M&As Confidently and Strategically

With expectations that the economy will remain strong, many middle market companies increasingly view a merger or acquisition as a potential vehicle for growth.

Lease, Borrow or Pay Cash: Capital Expense Considerations Post Tax Reform

If you’re looking to update equipment or improve your facilities in the coming year, it’s important to recognize that the tax reform signed into law in late 2017 included several key provisions aimed at encouraging company reinvestment. 


The Difference Between Venture Capital and Private Equity

While the lines between private equity and venture capital do blur, these kinds of private investments tend to vary in company type, investment scope and exit strategy.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Advises Diamond Metals Distribution, LLC on its Recapitalization with Kian Capital

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Diamond Metals Distribution, LLC in connection with this transaction.

Managed Smart Safe Solutions Create Efficiency, Convenience and Value for Food Service Industry

Here’s what you need to know about this game-changing, highly adaptive technology: Smart Safe solutions.

9 Steps to Achieving Payables Optimization Success

9 Steps to Achieving Payables Optimization Success

As treasury organizations look to drive greater efficiency and cost savings through the optimization of their payables function, it’s important to take advantage of industry best practices.

All About Equipment Financing

All About Equipment Financing

A key issue for many companies is how to best obtain the equipment their business needs to operate and to grow.

Selecting a New Payments Solution? 5 Considerations for the User Experience

Implementing new payments technology can potentially help companies stay agile, competitive, and aligned to consumers’ expectations of speed and reliability.

A woman of Asian descent with long dark hair looks at a pink cell phone in her hand as she walks down a sidewalk.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Check Your Portfolio Every Day

How often do you check your investment portfolio accounts? It turns out that managing your investments doesn't need to be done daily - and here's why.

Win-Win Supply Chain Negotiation

Many businesses overlook a viable opportunity to achieve such goals: an open, honest, and mutually beneficial negotiation with suppliers.

A male employee working from home answers a phone call and discusses the future of remote work.

Productivity at a Distance: The Future of Remote Work

As more employees are finding themselves working from home, Fifth Third Bank analyzes how the future of remote work will change as technology advances.

A man bends down and picks up a used plastic bottle on a local beach in effort to reduce plastic waste from businesses.

How Businesses Are Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Staying environmentally friendly is an important aspect of business when it comes to types of packaging. Here's how businesses can reduce plastic waste.

Sibcy Cline Testimonial

The treasury team at Sibcy Cline knew that relying on paper checks was an issue. It exposed the company to a greater risk of fraud, delayed payments and higher payment processing costs.

To address these concerns, the team decided to automate payments with Fifth Third Expert AP. Read the case study to learn how Fifth Third seamlessly integrated electronic payments into the company’s accounting system.

A woman of Asian descent with long black hair sits at a dimly lit desk working on a laptop computer in an office space.

Don't Let Your Portfolio Drift Off Course

It's time to review your investment portfolio - do you know what to look for? Here are tips on how to manage investment portfolios with Fifth Third Bank.    

Building a Borderless Strategy for your Global Payments Process

Building a Borderless Strategy for your Global Payments Process

With technology and regulations shifting the global business landscape today, companies seeking to broaden their reach and expand to new geographies require a payments infrastructure. Companies pursuing a “borderless” strategy must address a number of logistical and strategic challenges if they hope to thrive in new markets and edge out global competitors.

How Financial Sponsors Elevate the Deal Process

How Financial Sponsors Elevate the Deal Process

While the term is becoming more familiar for business owners, it’s important to understand the use case of seeking a financial sponsor. We take a look at key impact a financial sponsor can have during an M&A.

Fifth Third Serves as Joint Lead Arranger and Joint Active Book-Running Manager in Debt Financings for Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Fifth Third Bank and Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served a lead role in connection with these debt transactions, respectively.

Cash Flow vs Asset-Based Lending: Which Is Right for You?

Cash Flow vs Asset-Based Lending: Which Is Right for You?

Both cash flow lending and asset-based lending have their place in fulfilling business borrowing needs. Each can be appropriate in different situations.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Advises Q.C. Industries, LLC on its Sale to Duravant LLC

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Q.C. Industries, LLC in connection with this transaction.

Using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to Exit Your Business

Planning the best exit strategy for your business? Here's how to keep you business locally rooted and your employees.

Sea port with colorful storage containers, waterfront cranes, and a large ship being loaded with international exports.

The Expanding World of Trade Wars

International trade conflicts with the U.S. affect businesses of all types. Here’s how to stay informed on conflicts where trade tariffs are the new normal.

Negotiate to Improve Supply Chain Working Capital

Negotiate to Improve Supply Chain Working Capital

The art of negotiation with your suppliers can produce better terms and prices, thus fostering more working capital for your business, stronger strategic relationships and a competitive edge.

Fifth Third Securities Advises Planet Fitness Midwest on Growth Capital Raise

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as the exclusive financial advisor to Planet Fitness Midwest on their recent growth capital raise.

Two male coworkers sit at a circular table surrounded by bright windows and review business financial forecasting.

4 Ways to Make Your Financial Forecasts More Accurate

Companies rely on forecasts to plan budgets, estimate staff needs, organize their supply chains, and more. Here's how to improve your financial forecasting.

Boston Market Transforms Cash Management with Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank (NASDAQ: FITB) announced an expansion of their strategic relationship with Boston Market to roll out Fifth Third Currency Processing SolutionsSM in approximately 450 restaurants across the country by mid-2017.

Fifth Third Serves as Joint Lead Arranger and Joint Book-Running Manager in Debt Financings for Dollar Tree, Inc.

Fifth Third Bank and Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served a lead role in connection with these debt transactions, respectively. 

How To Divide Businesses Without Paying Taxes

Through the use of sophisticated partnership structures, business owners can structure a division of their companies, eliminating, taxes at that time. 

Source: Russ Alan Prince from Forbes
A male construction worker wearing a neon yellow vest analyzes supply chain demands during a pandemic disaster.

How to Approach Supply Chain Risk During Pandemics and Disasters

Supply chains constantly fluctuate based off consumer demand, but how does this change during a pandemic or disaster? Read more with Fifth Third Bank.

Computerized design of electronic data waves with blue dots of energy scattered throughout.

Machine Learning: A Promising Anti-Fraud Tool with Some Caveats

What are the benefits of machine learning and how does it work to combat fraud? Here's what to know about machine learning and its anti-fraud benefits.

The Next Era of CDH: How Mobile Unlocks New Advantages

As HSAs and other CDH options become increasingly central to the fabric of HR and benefits administration, overall healthcare spending for companies and consumers could potentially be lowered. The catch? These plans can’t cut costs for anyone unless employees actually use them.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Advises DPI, Inc. on its Recapitalization with Main Street Capital Corporation

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as Exclusive Financial Advisor to DPI, Inc. in connection with this Transaction.

How to Make Your Supply Chain Pay Dividends in Working Capital

With supply chains, goods and services are exchanged in short time intervals, creating an opportunity for optimization. The right partners, tools and management in place can help reduce costs and increase capital through payments and receivables.

Fifth Third Bank Assists With Controlling Raw Materials Pricing

A leading electrical contracting company was able to avoid spiking materials costs after our analysts helped them negotiate two-year agreements to cap pricing.

Set of eyeglasses looking over an invoice from a B2B service.

The Evolution of B2B Payments

B2B electronic payments are accepted by many businesses, while many have yet to pull the trigger. Here are some advantages for companies to finally say yes.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Advises Auto-Vehicle Parts Company on its Recapitalization by Tenex Capital Management

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as Executive Financial Advisor to auto-vehicle parts company in connection with this transaction.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Rising Interest Rates

Take the following steps to leverage rising interest rates for your business.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. Advises Canton Drop Forge, Inc. on its Sale to Park-Ohio Industries, Inc.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Canton Drop Forge, Inc. in connection with this transaction.

Faster, Smarter: How to Enhance Your Customer's Payment Experience

Understanding the importance of the customer experience is key for any organization that wants to deepen customer relationships and assume a leadership position in the payments space.

Ensure Business Success in an Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a great, effective option, but a staggering 70% of mergers fail to increase shareholder value. So how can you prepare for a successful merger?

A group of three businessmen in professional suits discuss reports on a large desk in a brightly lit office space.

How to Finance Your Growing Business

From budgeting expenses to reaching new markets, here's how to finance your growing business for long-term growth. Learn more with Fifth Third Bank today.

Why It's So Hard to Fill Sales Jobs

Why It's So Hard to Fill Sales Jobs

The difficulties businesses face in filling sales jobs.

 A cartoon drawing of a businessman with black hair wearing a navy-blue suit and red tie.

Retaining Talent During Mergers and Acquisitions

Business mergers and acquisitions bring a combination of excitement, opportunity, and transition. Here's how to retain employee talent along the way.    

Fifth Third Securities Advises Clyde’s Market, Inc. on Sale to Enmarket Stations, Inc.

Fifth Third Securities, Inc. acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Clyde’s Market Inc. (Clyde’s) on its recent acquisition by Enmarket Stations, Inc.

Female business owner holds a meeting with entrepreneurs to discuss ways to raise capital for growing businesses.

Cash in the Bank: The Basics of Raising Capital

There are a variety of approaches when it comes to raising capital for entrepreneurs. Here are the basics of raising capital for your growing business.

Two businessmen discuss ways to raise capital for funding a business in a coffee shop at night.

4 Funding Options to Raise Capital for a Startup

Kick off your new startup business on the right foot with proper funding techniques. Here are 4 ways to raise capital for a business with Fifth Third Bank.

Business owner shipping product and staying in touch with her customer during the coronavirus crisis.

5 Ways to Connect with Customers During COVID-19

COVID-19 magnified how businesses can enhance customer interactions. Here are 5 ways to keep in touch with your customers in the midst of a pandemic.

How Phantom Equity Can Drive Engagement

You shed blood, sweat, and tears to get your company off the ground. Now it’s up, running, and doing well. But many of your employees weren’t there for the start-up phase, so to them it’s just a job. What you really want now is a company in which all the employees are engaged and committed—a company where they think and act like owners. 

Source: Bill Fotsch and John Case from Forbes
business class on a plane

Hyper-Personalized Manufacturing Can Drive Inclusive Growth — Here's How

Advancements in technology have led to the rise in automation and ‘smart’ manufacturing.

With the internet and digital services pervading every walk of life, there is a clear shift from standardization through mass manufacturing, towards personalization through automation and smart manufacturing.

Powered by data, hyper-personalization combines curation with personalization to create customized user experiences around individual customer wants and needs.

World Economic Forum

How To Avoid Disappointment When It's Time To Cash Out

 Rather than rely on industry benchmarks, the best way to ensure you’re not disappointed with the sale of your business is to decide up front what it’s worth to you. 

Source: John Warrillow from Forbes

With Ken Chenault Out At American Express, Let's Talk About Leadership Transitions

Kenneth Chenault, the stalwart CEO who has led American Express for 16 largely successful years, announced his retirement recently. Needless to say, incoming CEO Stephen Squeri has big shoes to fill. 

Source: Alan Fleischmann from Forbes
6 Things Faster Payments Will Usher In

6 Things Faster Payments Will Usher In

Faster payments are on the way and that’s good news for businesses and consumers alike. While the benefits of faster payments will be numerous, here are six top things small businesses can look forward to with the improvement of the settlement process.

from Fifth Third Bank
What Business Owners Really Need To Know About Succession Planning

What Business Owners Really Need To Know About Succession Planning

Succession planning should not just be a catchphrase; you need to work your butt off to accomplish it successfully.You will need professional help if you want professional results.

Source: Louis Mosca from Forbes

On the Cusp: Algorithms Can Decrease Health Care Variability

Electronic medical records have led to a boom in healthcare-related data. The use of medical algorithms based on this data by health care organizations is on the rise, helping medical professionals improve diagnoses, decrease variability, and contain costs. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Providers and Investors Are Paying Attention to Medtail

Medtail is defined as the trend of medical offices leasing space in retail centers. Learn more about this shift that is allowing healthcare providers to be closer to their patients’ homes and offices—and why investors are paying attention.

Digital Currency Indexes Are Coming

While there are no digital currency indexes currently available to retail investors through regular brokerages, many firms are working towards making these types of products available. 

Source: Forbes Finance Council from Forbes
Group of business professionals sit at a table and discuss why workplace culture counts for successful M&A transactions.

Why Culture Counts for Successful M&A Transactions

Workplace culture largely impacts the overall success of M&A transactions. Learn how employees may influence mergers and acquisitions with Fifth Third Bank.

The Benefits of Reinventing Your Payments Processes

Re-engineering your payments process can deliver substantial benefits. Migrating to an electronic payment solution can eliminate the bulk of paper processing and drive much needed automation. Cutting-edge solutions, such as Fifth Third Bank’s Expert AP, can deliver tremendous treasury efficiency and dramatically improve payments processes.

Medtail Is Just What the Doctor – and Developer – Ordered

Medtail is a new trend of medical practices re-locating to retail environments. It’s beneficial to developers of retail properties, as well as medical professionals and patients. Learn more about this trend and the many opportunities it offers for developers of commercial real estate.

Focusing On Family Harmony At Two Generations Of Single-Family Offices

Many times conflicts arise and steps need or probably should be taken to ensure smooth running of the single-family office and the family. In effect, striving for family harmony is necessary. 

Source: Russ Alan Prince from Forbes

Commercial Card Program in Action: How One Buyer Dramatically Improved Their B2B Payments

As companies look to improve the efficiency of payment processes, commercial card programs present a highly attractive option.

Baby Boomers Drive Changes in Seniors Housing Market

Driven by medical advances and healthier living, baby boomers are expected to enjoy longer lives than previous generations of seniors. What does this mean for the seniors housing market? New trends such as lifestyle communities are emerging. Learn more.

Five Ways to Use Property Management Technology

Property management software has been around for several decades, but are you confident you’re using technology as well as you could? See if your tools measure up with these five key considerations to run your business efficiently and deliver a convenient experience for customers.

Senior Housing and the Labor Crunch: How to Find Workers and Compete on Labor Costs

Senior housing facilities are having a hard time finding skilled workers due to an acute labor shortage and other factors. Here’s what providers can do to stand out and attract potential new hires.

Female business owner looks out a large office window and considers 6 steps to transition business to an ESOP.

6 Steps of Transitioning to ESOP Ownership

How do I convert to ESOP? If you're considering the switch to an employee stock ownership plan, here are 6 steps to help your business through the process.

The Future of the CFO

The Future of the CFO

CEOs expect CFOs to see more big-picture, strategic thinking from their CFOs according to a survey from Forbes Insights and KPMG.

China Sets the Stage for Domestic Merger Boom

China’s central planner, the National Development and Reform Commission, has set the stage for what could become the biggest theme in China over the next six to 12 months: a surge in domestic mergers and acquisitions.

Source: David Millhouse from Bloomberg

A Better Way to Do Business: The Growing Adoption of Commercial Card Payments

For the past five years, business-to-business (B2B) commercial card usage in the U.S. has been on the rise.

A woman in her 40s with short curly black hair and black glasses sits at a desk with a laptop and uses a mobile phone.

Preventing CEO Fraud: How to Avoid Business Email Compromise Attacks

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are targeted towards businesses and CEOs. Here's how to prevent email fraud for your business and employees.

Corporate Buyers Account for an All-Time High in M&A Deal Activity

With 70% ownership of the total M&A market in the first half of 2017, corporate buyers have been enhancing their place in the market for years. 

Source: Jeff Golman from Forbes

How Imported Commodities Impact Every Industry – Even Yours

For those companies and industries that aren’t directly involved in the commodities markets, there can still be significant impact.

How Manufacturers Can Reap the Benefits of Green Energy

The trend toward renewable energy is becoming more feasible and affordable to companies across the U.S. By embracing sustainability practices, businesses are reaping the benefits of green technology. Learn how to get started on going green.

Today’s CFO: Less Bean Counter, More Strategic Advisor

The role of the CFO has undergone significant transformation in recent years, allowing companies of all sizes to be more strategic about operations and growth.

Are You Ready for Faster Payments? 5 Steps to Being Prepared

Are You Ready for Faster Payments? 5 Steps to Being Prepared

Real-time payments are in the works and will be here in the near-term. That’s why it’s important to take steps now to be ready to handle new payment innovations. Many of these changes will alter the way treasury does business, so now is the ideal time to begin reviewing your processes and technologies in order to stay competitive. 

How Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing Drive the Current M&A Landscape

A supply-demand imbalance trend affects the M&A landscape as a whole, and even more so in specific verticals.

What's New In Cash Flow Technology?

What's New In Cash Flow Technology?

Cash flow technology can help businesses safeguard themselves against fraud.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Exit Options

If you have a sense of your ultimate goal, you can more effectively plan for it and operate the business accordingly—even if your horizon is decades away.

Micro-Hospitals: A New Evolving Trend

To expand health care presence and increase consumer convenience, health care systems are now opening small facilities called micro-hospitals. Scaled down in scope as compared to full-service hospitals, these facilities can provide big benefits to patients, providers, and insurers. Learn more.

China's Bonds Are Ready to Join the World Stage

All signs point to the likelihood that the official start date for the Hong Kong-China bond connect program will be announced soon — and it couldn't come soon enough. 

Source: David Millhouse from Bloomberg

Millennials and Gen Z: What They Mean for Your Organization

Did you know that Gen Z and millennials represent close to half of the U.S. population? Learn about the priorities of these generations and what this means for your organization regarding strategies for recruitment, employee flexibility, workplace culture, and more. 

A middle-aged man sits with his legs crossed on a gray couch and smiles as he looks at a smartphone in his hand.

What Capitalized OTT Video Means for Media

Over-the-top (OTT) video is making a new name for itself among major media companies. Here's what well-capitalized OTT means for digital media industries.    

All in the Family: The Emerging Role of Family Offices in M&A

Family offices are leaving ‘the nest’ to fly on their own in M&A.  

Source: Jeff Golman from Forbes
A woman wearing a white blouse looks down at her Fifth Third Bank debit card while holding her cell phone.

Solutions for Challenges in Receivables Landscape

Ecommerce and receivables markets are working to solve common challenges in accounts receivable management. Learn about receivable challenges and solutions.    

Financial Strategies for Successful Medical Practice Management

With patients taking a proactive role in the changing healthcare environment, it is important that practices invest in data analytics, marketing and staffing to deepen patient loyalty and increase profitability. Making improvements may require financing—find out what options to consider.

The Bottom Line Benefit of Retaining Your Top Employees

When small companies retain their best talent, they save money in recruiting and training costs and boost overall morale. Many experts believe small companies should aim for an 85 percent retention rate on a year-by-year basis. Here are strategies to keep employees over the long term.

A female business woman discusses how to make a franchise attractive to private equity firms.

How to Make Your Franchise Attractive to Private Equity Firms

How can business owners make their franchise more attractive to private equity firms? Here's background information on how to make your franchise appealing.

A group of business professionals in casual business attire cross a white crosswalk on a busy street on a sunny morning.

Generation X: Why the Smallest Workforce Generation May Be the Most Powerful

Gen X's impact on workplaces represent the value this group of employees bring to organizations, and why they may be the most powerful in the workforce.

close up person typing on keyboard laptop

Why Cybercriminals are Targeting SMBs

Why are cybercriminals targeting SMBs? Cybercrime continues to impact small and medium-sized businesses, and here are a few reasons why. Learn more today.

Female business executive researches how to support her company against data loss.

How Company Leaders Can Safeguard Data

Data loss prevention, or DLP, is a top priority for companies across different industries. Here's how company executives can support data loss prevention.

Woman takes notes on how to stay productive when working remotely while on a virtual conference call.

6 Ways to Stay Productive at Work

The traditional workplace has transitioned during the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies adapt to working remotely, here's how to keep productivity on track.

The Electric Vehicle Boom is Coming

The demand for electric vehicles is growing among both consumers and business owners globally. The opportunity to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions if one factor. Find out what else is fueling the EV boom.

The Steady March to Digitization: How Corporates are Achieving Payables Optimization

The Steady March to Digitization: How Corporates are Achieving Payables Optimization

Corporations are under increasing pressure to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of their payables function in order to free up vital working capital. Read More

Law Firms Use Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage

Attorneys and law firms are using the latest technology to improve efficiencies, deliver a better client experience and gain an edge on the competition. Find out how you can use tech at your practice.

Millennials’ Next Move: Management

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force and are making the natural progression into management roles. Learn more about how their approaches to work have begun to reshape the workplace in corporate culture, new approaches to processes and procedures, and more.

Banking Industry Leads the Charge for Faster Payments

Banking Industry Leads the Charge for Faster Payments

Everyone agrees faster payments are a good idea for businesses of every size, but making it happen takes a well-coordinated effort on the part of the banking and payments industry. To make faster payments a reality, three initiatives have been undertaken.

from Fifth Third Bank
Computerized design of interlocking blue lines.

Getting Digital Transformation Right: Opportunities in the Moment

Digital transformation helps businesses access technology to better serve clientele. Learn how getting digital transformation right presents opportunities.

Industry Spotlight Reports

Fifth Third Investment Banking is pleased to provide you with the latest Industry Spotlight Reports. These reports highlight recent transaction and market data as well as key industry trends and analysis.

Consumer buying purchases on an online store using credit card as a payment option.

Keeping Up with the Latest Payment Options

Many consumers prefer digital payments over cash and checks—are businesses ready for the transition? Here's what to know about digital payment options.

Don't Try to Predict When Next Recession Will Start

Predicting a bear market can make you famous in financial market circles, but it’s certainly not an easy feat. 

Source: Ben Carlson from Bloomberg
Profile shot of woman looking ahead

Tips for Hiring High-Performance Executive Leaders

If you're looking to expand your company's leadership team, there are important steps to consider when hiring executives. Learn more with Fifth Third Bank.


Selling Your Business: Meet Susan Linson

Banking is a people business. Behind every transaction and number, there’s a face, a family and a future. Behind some transactions is the opportunity to help others find happiness as they prepare for retirement.

Can Payment Efficiencies and Fraud Protection Coexist?

Interested in equipment leasing? Electronic payment tools help add efficiencies in lessee payment processes while improving fraud protection. Learn more.    

Virtual Reality is Here to Stay

The use of virtual reality is growing among a variety of architectural firms, as it can play an important role in all phases of the design-to-construction process, from assessing design options to resolving potential construction issues before breaking ground.

Businessman wearing a navy blue suit sits at a desk and analyzes the details of transitioning business to an ESOP.

The Ins and Outs of Transitioning to an ESOP

If you're transitioning your business to an ESOP, here's everything to know about Employee Stock Ownership Plan structures, tax advantages, and more.

Making Sense of Corporate Tax Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is the most significant retooling of the U.S. tax code in more than three decades. This is particularly true at the corporate level, where the thrust of the new code is to help U.S. companies be more competitive globally.

By: Nicholas J. Podsiadly, Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory Strategy and Public Policy, Jeffrey Korzenik, Chief Investment Strategist, and Al Cliffel, Corporate Tax Director.
A group of business professionals sit at a wooden conference table and shake hands after successfully closing a deal.

Paving the Way for a Successful M&A Close

As of October 2019, more than $3 trillion in global mergers and acquisition transactions have closed in 2019. Learn more about M&A trends and projections. 

Knowing Your Options for Mitigating Tariff Risk

Responding to tariffs requires companies to forecast for an undefined period, and the full effects won’t become apparent until tariffs are annualized in a new budget season.

Two executives discussing the current M&A landscape

M&A Trend Watch: How the Current Landscape Has Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses while presenting opportunities for strategic M&A. Here's how current M&A trends are changing.

Managing Liquidity: Why You Should Revisit Your Strategy Today

In the current time, it's in your firm’s best interest to refocus attention toward your liquidity strategies. Learn more about the shifts that are occurring, as well as how to help stabilize capital in order to be in a better position for weathering future liquidity events." 

View of a man's hand pointing to a computerized model of the globe with illuminated connected dots.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Global Transactions

B2B companies need to ensure their business models reach international audiences. Here are 4 steps to prepare your business for global transactions.

A male employee wears a neon orange safety vest as he pushes a cart through an open warehouse.

Asset-Based Loans: The Solution for Volatile Times

Asset-based lending thrives in challenging situations. Learn how asset based loans may be a successful solution for businesses during COVID-19.

Will Medical Algorithms Replace Doctors?

In healthcare, medical algorithms aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and care management of patients. Algorithms help remove uncertainty and improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of decisions that doctors make. The question is, will algorithms replace doctors? 

A male employee in his 20s with black hair and glasses points to a stock shelf with boxes in a brightly lit warehouse.

Why Raising The Minimum Wage Is The Right Thing To Do

Will raising the minimum wage leave a positive or negative impact? Many opinions differ - read how minimum wage may (or may not) be the right move.    

Seated women reaching across an office desk shaking hands.

Recruiting, Empowering, Developing and Retaining Diverse Talent

Not only is recruiting diverse talent the right thing to do, but it makes good business sense as well. 

Inheriting The Single-Family Office

As part of the enormous intergenerational transfer of wealth expected over the next decade, single-family offices are being passed down to the next generation. As more and more single-family offices are being established due to the boom in private wealth creation throughout the world, an increasing number of single-family offices will be going to heirs.

Source: Russ Alan Prince from Forbes
Group of business owners gather in a brightly lit conference room and discuss how to create a dream board of executives.

Building an Advisory Board for Your Business

Assembling an experienced, thoughtful panel of executives for your business can help business growth and leadership. Here's how to create a dream board.

The #1 Reason Boomer Owners Are Not Exiting Today

Most owners would exit today if they could achieve financial security, but they know they can’t. Are you in the same situation? 

Source: John Brown from Forbes
A large apartment complex with an open courtyard with many potential investment property units.

How to Make Smart Multifamily Housing Investments

Purchasing a multifamily property is a great way to invest in real estate. Here are things to consider when investing in a multi-family home.

Physicians Taking Steps to Increase Patient Loyalty and Revenue

As patients are faced with higher monthly premiums to keep health insurance affordable, they’re more carefully choosing where their healthcare dollars go. Here’s how physicians are meeting this challenge and finding new ways to create value for patients and win their loyalty.

Businessman leans on a desk and writes down ways an ESOP can influence a company's future and success.

How ESOPs Influence Your Company's Future

Establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) can help gain financial liquidity, expand employee involvement, and plan for your business' future.

A group of coworkers sit around a conference table and discuss recruiting experienced employees to join their team.

How to Build an Engaged Workforce: Focus on Employee Experience

From recruiting and retaining top talent, employers are seeing the benefits of experienced employees joining their team. Read more with Fifth Third Bank.

Partnering Across Your Organization: Why Effective Working Capital Management Takes a Village

Partnering Across Your Organization: Why Effective Working Capital Management Takes a Village

This article details the value and benefits of engaging the entire organization, educating them on what working capital means and how non-treasury areas can actively participate in efforts that will impact the bottom line.

Female business owner researches reasons to consider an ESOP for her business.

6 Reasons to Consider an ESOP for Your Business

Business owners can benefit from selling his or her business to employees using an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Here are 6 reasons to consider.

A dark silhouette of a woman wearing glasses sitting in front of a large blue screen with numerical formulas and data.

Data Analytics Influence Price, Underwriting for Insurance

As the insurance industry evolves, big data continues to influence insurance pricing, underwriting processes, and developing trends. Learn more today.

Tips to Consider Before Buying or Selling a Professional Services Firm

Before buying or selling a professional services firm, it’s crucial that buyers and sellers are properly prepared. Learn more about the steps that both sides should take in order to ensure that an M&A transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Data Analytics is Reducing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare data analytics are quickly adding value to a variety of hospitals, medical practices, and health systems. This data is used to improve consumer experience, growth initiatives, and healthcare cost reduction. Read more about this trend.

Network cable with high tech technology

Tax Leasing: A Cash-Preserving Solution for IT Upgrades

An increased awareness of information technology encourages business to update their IT services and machinery. Here's what to know about tax leasing for equipment financing.

The Opportunities and Risks in Tariff Engineering

Protect yourself against suppliers offering tariff reduction strategies. Read more about opportunities and risks in tariff engineering with Fifth Third. 

Trends Shaping the Future of Dental Practices

Dental practices and individual dentists are facing a lot of challenges today. However, there are trends that have proven to lead to a future of long-term success in this industry, from the rise of Dental Service Organizations to online marketing techniques. 

Energy Storage: Changing the Landscape of Electrical Power

Energy storage devices are transforming the electric power industry by providing cost-savings solutions for businesses, utilities, and grid operators.  Learn more about this increasingly reliable and affordable technology.

Bigger Than the Internet? Blockchain’s Impact on Food and Other Industries

Interested in learning about blockchains?  By definition, blockchains facilitate the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Learn how this technology trend is greatly impacting food companies and firms by expediting settlement times, reducing operational costs, increasing visibility, and more.

Busting Two Commonly Held Treasury Myths

Myths have a way of creating fear and trepidation. There’s nothing like a good myth to keep you from exploring changes that could catapult your treasury operation to the next level of efficiency and influence within your organization. Here we bust two myths with truths that could kick-off the change your supply chain management function has been looking for.

Maximizing Payment Efficiencies to Improve Working Capital Management

Maximizing Payment Efficiencies to Improve Working Capital Management

As uncertainty around interest rates raises concerns for treasury organizations, the importance of maximizing payment efficiencies with the goal of improving working capital management has become more critical than ever.

Business leader considering business plans and adjustment after her company experienced a financial crisis.

Leadership Lessons to Learn From a Crisis

When your company goes through a crisis, leadership lessons that are learned can prove invaluable to your growth or demise. Here are key takeaways.

A man and woman sit at a large conference table for an interview in a bright office space with gold light fixtures.

What Candidate Experience Means in a Tight Labor Market

While low unemployment rate is good, the labor market is the tightest it's been in 50 years. Learn what candidate experience means in today's job market.    

B Corps: A New Vision for Profit and Social Change

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by B Lab (an independent non-profit) to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Learn more about how these companies are profiting while causing social change.

An African-American man wearing business clothes and black glasses holds his hand under his chin while reading a laptop.

Email Etiquette is Key to Building a Successful Business and Respected Brand

Email remains the most dominant forms of communication in professional settings. From proper email structure to double checking grammar, here's how to ensure your company understands and utilizes email etiquette.

A man and woman dressed in professional business attire laugh as they discuss notes during a staff meeting in an office.

4 Factors That Differentiate Great Corporate Banking Partners

There are many factors to consider when exploring corporate banking options. From bank size to professional capabilities, learn more with Fifth Third Bank.

Broadcom's Tan Got His Way on Deals; Then He Targeted Qualcomm

Broadcom Ltd.’s chief executive officer has grown accustomed to getting his way, using compromise, more money, sheer force of will—or a combination of all three. 

Source: Ian King from Bloomberg

Trends Transforming Transitional Rehabilitation Therapy

Demand for transitional rehabilitation care continues to rise in the U.S. To meet the increasing demand, rehabilitation centers and home healthcare companies are turning to technology.

Patients, Providers, and the Advent of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is bringing seismic change to the healthcare industry. The rise of virtual care is leading to lower costs for providers, improved treatment for rural hospital and elderly patients, and others. Learn more.

Maximizing Operating Cash in a Tepid Interest Rate Environment

Maximizing Operating Cash in a Tepid Interest Rate Environment

If watercoolers were still the rage, today’s big watercooler topic at many corporates would be speculation about what will happen with interest rates in the U.S. After years of historically low interest rates, the Federal Reserve recently raised rates for the first time in nearly a decade.

Real-Time Payments: Promises, Benefits, and Why it Matters

Real-Time Payments: Promises, Benefits, and Why it Matters

Here in the U.S., we’re playing catch up when it comes to real-time payments. Currently, significant efforts are underway to put infrastructure in place to facilitate faster payments in the near future. Numerous countries, including the UK, Singapore, Poland and Mexico have had near-real-time processing for some time now.

Finding a Better Approach to Cash Handling

New payment methods constantly are being introduced and there’s significant buzz about what’s new. Everything from mobile payments to NFC technology to the transition to chip-enabled cards are trending topics in the industry. The fact remains, however, that for now, cash still is king.

An end-to-end methodology can lessen the burden on c-store managers.

How to Establish, Maintain or Refresh Employee Resource Groups

Companies in virtually every industry have seen benefits derived from ERGS. Also known as Employee Resource Groups, these think-tank type groups offer employees an opportunity to network, receive support, and address common concerns. Learn more.

The Concierge Doctor Will See You, Immediately

Concierge medicine can be an alternative model for doctors who are stretched thin to high patient loads and patients who seek more personal care – and have the means to pay for it.

How to Start a Corporate Philanthropy Program

Create a corporate philanthropy program to help guide your decisions about what causes your company should support, why they matter and what resources you can make available.

What Are The Behavioral Best Practices Of Single-Family Offices?

These five behavioral best practices are by no means all the ones we have been able to extract from the meta-analytic and ethnological studies. However, they are exceedingly potent and, in many ways, foundational. 

Source: Russ Alan Prince from Forbes
Two women shopping at a retail store that has used retail technology.

The Technology Behind the Best Retail Experiences

Discover which retail technologies are becoming important online retailers that use it to attract new customers and increase sales and conversions.

A group of M&A professionals gather at a table to discuss representation and warranty insurance for transactions.

Insuring the Deal: Representation and Warranties Insurance in M&A Transactions

Representation and warranties insurance (RWI) has emerged as an increasingly popular transaction risk management tool in M&A. Learn more with Fifth Third.

3 Lessons Learned From Ikea's Acquisition Of Gig Economy Startup TaskRabbit

The gig economy should be part of every company’s growth strategy. How can we lean on the gig economy to make customers’ lives easier and better? 

Source: Blake Morgan from Forbes

Should You Sell Your Mission-Driven Brand To A Larger Company That Doesn't Share Your Values?

Large corporations are buying socially-conscious brands and not everyone is happy about it, including many of those brands’ consumers. 

Source: Katrina Fox from Forbes
A construction worker cuts a piece of steel with a power tool as bright sparks jet across a workbench.

How Companies Address Skilled Labor Shortages

Industries are struggling to employ and expand workforces of skilled laborers. Learn more about how businesses are responding to skilled labor shortages.    

Women-Owned Businesses: How Certifications Can Help Land More Business

Certifications such as the Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) or the Women Business Enterprise (WBE) can help women entrepreneurs grab the brass ring of public or private contracting dollars. Learn more about the certification process and the opportunities available to women-owned businesses.

Healthcare Providers Look to Ease Their Way into Value-Based Care

Healthcare providers from medical practices to hospitals are shifting to a value-based care model that utilizes alternative payment models (APMs). Find out how this will affect the healthcare industry.

Urban Warehouses: What’s Old is New Again?

Top e-commerce retailers have experienced a high consumer demand for expedited deliveries. These retailers are responding to this speedy demand by repurposing obsolete urban industrial buildings into warehouses. Learn more about this trend.

Is a Board of Directors Right for Your Private Company?

Unlike publicly-held companies, private companies are not required to have a board of directors. However, having the influence of an industry-savvy board of directors could lead to greater success. Here’s what to consider in your board.

Business professional researches ways to boost company competitiveness with digital transformation on an iPad.

Guide to Increase Company Competitiveness with Digital Transformation

How can digital transformation influence a competitive business strategy and growth? Learn which factors drive digital transformation through the pandemic.

What is the Difference Between Same Day ACH and Real-Time Payments? A Treasury Professional Primer

What is the Difference Between Same Day ACH and Real-Time Payments? A Treasury Professional Primer

The U.S. payments system has undergone some important changes over the past few years. Consumers and businesses have been clamoring for faster payments, which has led to a push for speedier digital transactions. Same-day settlement was seen as a way to dramatically improve payroll, bill payments and person-to-person transactions.

Faster Payments, Bigger Business Pay from Fifth Third Bank

Faster Payments, Bigger Business Payoff

Faster payments hold tremendous promise for corporates. By reducing the length of time required to recognize a receivable, businesses will be able increase the flow of commerce, while at the same time making it easier to manage vital working capital

from Fifth Third Bank

Organic Produce Proves a Fertile Garden for the Food Sector

This rising consumer desire for organic produce is causing companies in the food sector to expand and update their operations to keep up with demand, which is expected to continue growing. Learn about the effects of this development.

 From CIO to COO to CEO

From CIO to COO to CEO

Just about a decade ago, I interviewed Greg Carmichael, who had just been promoted from CIO to COO of Fifth Third Bank, about his advice for CIOs interested in following a similar path. Recently, I had the chance to ask Greg about the next leg of that journey, his move to CEO, and how his IT background has positioned him for the top job.

by Martha Heller from CIO

Chicago: Incubator for the Incubators

Chicago continues to cement its reputation as a tech and innovation hub. Read more about this city's recent crop of incubator innovations revolving around focus, digital solutions, and unique public/private partnerships.

Company Valuation — How ESG Integration Is The Future Standard

Once an underresearched entity in the workplace, ESG integration has become an increasingly valued topic in the discussion of a company’s future financial performance. 

Source: Christopher P. Skroupa from Forbes
Woman analyzes numbers on a tablet before transitioning to digital supply chain for her business.

Making a Successful Leap to a Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Digitally transforming your business' supply chain has never been more critical during recent economic downturns. Here's how to successfully transition.

A Massive IoT Opportunity In Search Of The Right Telco

A Massive IoT Opportunity In Search Of The Right Telco

Just as no one thinks about the electric company until the power goes out, early exuberance for the Internet of Things (IoT) — an umbrella term for devices that use sensors to connect and communicate with the Internet and each other — has focused more on new products and possibilities, and less on the inevitable tedium of managing, maintaining and replacing IoT-enabled devices when they break down at the end of their useful life span.

However, telecommunication companies — with their long-standing ability to connect millions of devices to complex networks — are in a unique position to serve as active partners to commercial IoT customers, whom we expect to propel the IoT market to $470 billion. We see three big opportunities for telcos that know how to target and serve business customers: connectivity, life cycle management and vertical platforms.

by Bain Insights
Businesswoman wearing a red skirt and black jacket researches how business leadership will evolve in the coming years.

How Business Leadership Traits Will Evolve

How are real-time changes in business and organizational models impacting leadership roles? Here's how business leadership will evolve in the coming years.

Treasury is Evolving to Optimize Payables: Expert AP Powers the Transformation

Today’s treasury professionals face a common set of challenges when it comes to payments processing.

Architectural Outlook for 2019

Have you heard of the interactive wall paint trend? Technology is transforming the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry in many ways with trends from drones to smart homes. Learn more in this architectural outlook for 2019.

Is The United States Ranked In The Top 5 Worldwide For Doing Business?

The World Bank recently released its annual rankings of the best places in the world to do business.  Around the world, these annual rankings are watched closely by policy makers and business leaders.  They have gained an outsized influence on economic and industrial policy, particularly in the developing world and in those countries where the World Bank is most active.

And yet, it can be argued that they measure the wrong things for the 21st century. Doing Business in 2018 is about investing in talented people and innovation, not low tax rates or minimum regulatory frameworks. 

Source: Nish Acharya from Forbes

Auto Suppliers Use Strategic Financing for New Equipment

Do you know the trends currently affecting the auto industry?  Artificial intelligence, alternative fuels, and fuel efficiency are the top three. Learn how auto suppliers are obtaining new equipment by responding with strategic financings, such as leasing.

Serving Up a Brighter Future by Reducing and Recycling Food Waste

An estimate by the National Resources Defense Council calculated that 40 percent of all food in the U.S. is never eaten—and that waste costs companies billions of dollars. Find out what businesses are doing to fight food waste.

Workforce Trends: How to Create Opportunities in the Labor Force as the Unemployment Rate Dips

Acute labor shortages show up in the goods-producing sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, construction, and related industries. And employers in the service industry also suffer.

Two colleagues analyze computerized data on a mobile tablet and desktop monitor in a brightly lit office space.

A Systemic Approach to Corporate Risk Management

Systematic risk management helps corporations manage risks and analyze solutions. Learn about the importance of corporate risk management with Fifth Third.

Case Study: Apartment Owners Wire Over $1 Million to Hackers in Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud

Email is, quite simply, the most efficient way to conduct billing. And many businesses like ABC use wire transfers for their payments — which is why this type of fraud is one of the most commonly seen today.

Protect Yourself Against Malware

Protect Yourself Against Malware

Find out how Malware works and what you can do to protect yourself and your business.

A business man in his 50s or 60s with gray hair sits at a desk with large computer looks down to read his mobile phone.

The Big Target for Cyber Crime? Your Company’s C-Suite

A company's C-suite is among the most vulnerable for cyber crimes. Here are ways to protect the cyber security of company executives with Fifth Third Bank.

Current email risk and best practices

Current Risks, Best Practices

To help mitigate the risk of Business Email Compromise, we suggest implementing the following practices.

Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

Companies are tracking and analyzing employee behavior to protect sensitive company data.

A group of three coworkers gather around a computer desk to discuss data and other business information in an office.

How to Approach Financial Risk Management

From economic volatility to current financial risk management strategies and tools, here's what to know about risk management factors for your business.

A close-up view of a man's hands typing on a black laptop keyboard as the sun shines through the background.

What the Most Tech-Savvy Employees Don’t Know About Phishing

Are your employees educated on phishing scams? Regardless how tech-savvy your team is, here are things to know (and be aware of) about phishing.

Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

Companies are tracking and analyzing employee behavior to protect sensitive company data.

Why Currency Risk Management Is Necessary for Your Domestic Business

Though U.S.-based companies that only buy and sell domestically in U.S. dollars may assume there is no need to manage currency risk, market movements may prove a more immediate concern than presumed. 

Case Study: XYZ Construction, Inc.* Avoids Malware-Driven Fraud Loss

Account takeover fraud attacks are extremely difficult to detect when they’re in progress. In fact, even antivirus software can miss them. So, the best way to protect against them is through preventive actions.

Case Study: University Suffers Business Email Compromise Fraud - Escapes Loss of Almost $1 Million

Fraudulent emails with updated bank account information may or may not include an attached invoice. In some cases, such as this one, fraud perpetrators send new account details, then simply wait for the vendors to submit real invoices to their clients.

Emerging Markets: Rethinking M&A

McKinsey & Company estimates that more than 70% of global merger and acquisition deals fail … but why is this? We believe it is due, in great part, to a lack of information (or poor information) on the target and the deal. 

Source: Control Risks from Forbes
A man wearing glasses sits at a white desk in front of a computer screen and analyzes data on a printed piece of paper.

Automating Enterprise and Treasury Management

Treasury management systems are often partially automated, which impacts the success of enterprise risk management. Here's how the two can be linked.

Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Payment Fraud Landscape: The Never Ending Battle to Protect Corporate Assets

Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Payment Fraud Landscape: The Never Ending Battle to Protect Corporate Assets

Staying one step ahead of fraudsters is the goal of the payments industry, but this is no easy task. As fast as new payment methods are introduced, new criminal schemes are quick to follow. Understanding your vulnerabilities and fraud risks is crucial in order to develop effective strategies to address this pervasive and persistent problem.

Email Account Compromise Scams Target Customer Transactions

Email Account Compromise Scams Target Customer Transactions

To protect your organization against malware threats, especially those affecting your financial transactions, consider these best practices.

Project Risk Management: 10 Surprisingly Brilliant Tactics to Reduce Risk

Every project has some risk of failure. Identifying and planning ahead to avoid these points of failure is one of your top responsibilities. This guide on project risk management will help you understand and manage risks better.

One Time Passcode Provides Another Layer of Protection against Cyber Fraud

One Time Passcode Provides Another Layer of Protection against Cyber Fraud

Every day, fraudsters around the world target companies like yours, using the Internet in various ingenious ways, aiming to hijack your financial transactions and empty your bank accounts. Cyber crime is organized, growing and responsible for millions of dollars in business losses. So how do you protect your company?

Protect Your Sensitive Data in A Risky Landscape

For any technology company, hardware, equipment, and digital technology are gateways for hackers and adversaries to launch a cyber-attack and compromise sensitive data and information.