Sibcy Cline Testimonial

“Going on to Expert AP, we had seen significant cost savings.”

—Corey Asman, Sibcy Cline

Moving away from manual processing

The treasury team at Sibcy Cline knew that relying on paper checks was an issue. It exposed the company to a greater risk of fraud, delayed payments and higher payment processing costs.

To address these concerns, the team decided to automate payments with Fifth Third Expert AP. Read the case study to learn how Fifth Third seamlessly integrated electronic payments into the company’s accounting system.

Why implement a digital AP processing solution?

It saves money.

  • Reduces manual AP processes, automates transactions
  • Boosts your defense against fraud

It strengthens supplier relationships.

  • Identifies suppliers’ preferred payment methods

It frees up employees.

  • Automation of manual tasks allow employees to focus on more strategic work