Public Finance

Backed by the in-depth analysis of our fixed income strategy group, we can provide solutions that are appropriate for current economic conditions, your industry, and your organization's objectives.

Fifth Third Securities Public Finance Group offers underwritten and placed securities that include:

  • Tax supported bond and note issues
  • Revenue supported bond and note issues
  • Variable rate bonds (tax-exempt and taxable), including Industrial Development bonds
  • Certificates of Participation for lease financing
  • Energy conservation debt
  • Qualified school construction and recovery zone bonds

Underwriting Services

  • Coordinate pre-sale marketing for a bond or note issue
  • Provide nationwide and regional marketing to institutional investors
  • Provide regional marketing to retail investors
  • Coordinate with co-managers or selling group members
  • Negotiate pricing and final terms of the bond or note issue
  • Finalize all closing activities and wiring of funds

Private Placement Services

  • Provide nationwide and regional placement to accredited investors
  • Coordinate activities with all professional team members
  • Negotiate pricing and final terms of placement
  • Finalize all closing and settlement details

Financial Advisory Services

  • Plan and guide financing programs
  • Design terms and features for bond and note issues
  • Assist in obtaining credit ratings and/or credit enhancement
  • Provide financial analysis
  • Provide refinancing and defeasance analysis

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