Asset Securitization

Asset Securitization

Use your company's receivables to obtain financing that provides increased liquidity at a lower cost. Ask our specialists today about these innovative capitalization solutions.

Our relationship-first approach means more than just securitizing your assets.

Our Asset Securitization team is a group of seasoned professionals, skilled at developing an intimate knowledge of your business challenges as well as your receivables. This enables us to offer tailored solutions to meet your company's goals and balance sheet objectives, including:

  • Increased liquidity
  • Access to lower cost capital for non-rated companies
  • Reduced financing costs
  • Diversification and optimization of capital structure


Unlock much-needed capital with Fifth Third Capital Markets asset securitization solutions.

Based on predictable cash flows, our Asset Securitization team can structure a financing backed by a broad range of asset classes, including:

  • Corporate receivables
  • Auto loans and leases
  • Equipment loans and leases
  • Credit card receivables

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