Dominique Moceanu's Impact on the World: from Athlete to Teacher to Business Owner

Dominique Moceanu's Impact on the World: from Athlete to Teacher to Business Owner

As a teen gymnast, Dominique Moceanu had a lasting impact to the sport—competing around the world, earning individual and team medals.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, she's still driven to have an impact for individuals and teams. And her new gym—Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center in Medina, Ohio—is the next step on that journey.

"The purpose of our gym is to have happy and healthy students do gymnastics and love it," Dominique said. "The sport of gymnastics teaches you so many things—discipline, respect, work ethic. I love what I do."

But in order to have the lasting impact on the sport, the community and her young students, she had to get the right team in place to get the right facility, the right financing and the right partners.

Mary Santora, Small Business Community Lender and Greg Turk, Relationship Manager, were there every step of the way.

"When a small business owner comes to me and says, 'I'd like to open a business,' the first and most important thing is to listen," Greg said. "You need to understand what they want to accomplish."

And that vision from Dominque came across immediately.

"She was so passionate," Mary said. "All the things that she wanted to do, I was excited. We were on board. We were engaged."

Mary, Greg and the broader Fifth Third team worked with Dominique to finance her 12,000 square foot facility – including reconstruction, remodeling, and specialized equipment.

"Without the bank, it's really hard to do a business like this. They were one of the greatest assets I could have," Dominique said. "The bank was there to offer loan and guidance—everything I needed to get this dream up and running."

Surrounded by her team—her employees, her students, her family, her bank—Dominique is adding to her legacy—advocating for change in the gymnastics community, teaching children life skills, and running a flourishing small business.

To see more about Dominique, her story and her new facility, watch this short video from PBS's START UP.

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