Navigating the Uncertainty of COVID-19

As trusted advisors to our customers, employees, communities and partners, it is important to reiterate that we are in this with you.

We know that these are unchartered waters for many business owners, creating a lot of fear and concern for the future. We are working closely with all of our partners, particularly the SBA, to ensure you are provided with the proper guidance on lending options that are available to you directly through the SBA and through Fifth Third Bank’s relief efforts.

How the Small Business Administration1 is Helping Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

On March 17, the SBA announced their efforts to provide a faster, easier qualification process for states seeking SBA Disaster Assistance for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. They are working closely with governors to make up to $2 million in targeted, low-interest disaster recovery loans available to any small business enterprise that has been severely impacted by the situation. This direct lending program is in the form of low interest rate loans with flexible repayment terms, the eligibility for which will be determined by the SBA on a case by case basis. For more information, see our SBA Payroll Protection Program Update.

SBA Disaster Assistance Overview:

  • Loans up to $2,000,000
  • 3.75% fixed interest rate on loans to for-profit companies
  • 2.75% fixed interest rate on loans to non-profit companies
  • Up to 30-year term and amortization (determined on case-by-case basis)

How to Apply for SBA Disaster Assistance:

How Fifth Third Bank is Helping Eligible Business Clients

Term Loans

  • We are offering a Small Business Payment Deferral Program for up to 90 days* that includes no late fees and a range of loan modification options.

Fee Waiver Program

  • We will refund select fees for 90 days for Business Banking deposit accounts and services.

Contact Us to Request Term Loan Hardship Assistance

  • Work with your dedicated relationship or financial center manager.

For additional support

  • Contact the Business Banking Support Center at 877-534-2264.

We’re here to support your business any way we can.

In these unprecedented times, I want you to know that our commitment to you and the success of your business remains steadfast.

As always, thank you for choosing Fifth Third for your business banking needs.

Best regards,

Kala Gibson
Executive Vice President, Head of Business Banking
Fifth Third Bank

Tips to Help You and Your Business Operation During COVID-19

Be Transparent About Your Business

Let your customers know you are going through this with them. For example, share on your business’s social media account(s) how much you appreciate your customers, and thank them each day as they continue to support your business.

Be Extra Vigilant Online

During times of uncertainty, it’s natural to seek information and answers through the internet and social media. Unfortunately, criminals will often use that to their advantage. While not specific to Fifth Third, our team has noted the occurrence of phishing—when a data thief impersonates a legitimate person or company via email to bait the recipient into reporting confidential information or gaining unauthorized access to systems. In addition, we have seen reports of malware (malicious software) disguised as a coronavirus map. Watch for email senders using suspicious or misleading domain names. Inspect URLs carefully (without clicking on the link) to make sure they’re legitimate and not imposter sites.

Follow Credible Advice

To obtain reliable information, stick to credible resources like the Centers for Disease Control (, National Institutes of Health (, World Health Organization ( and other well-known local and national news reporting agencies.

Use Digital Tools When You Can

Make an appointment to talk to your banker when you have a complex situation. But save time and use online banking services as often as you can. For example, consider depositing checks through your Fifth Third mobile app2.