Operational Efficiencies

Positive impacts on your customers and your bottom line

Fifth Third Bank offers a greater level of innovation to your business with Currency Processing Solutions. CPS can help improve your overall retail efficiency, deliver an improved customer experience and, ultimately, help you realize increased profitability.

How can CPS help improve your business?

  • Access to Cash - Receive provisional credit on CPS funds, accelerating access to your available funds
  • Secure Funds - On-site cash can be secured in a single location or throughout your retail operation with fewer armored courier pickups
  • Operational Management - Store managers can spend less time addressing cash issues and more time managing retail operations
  • Sales and Service - Store managers and employees have more time to focus on retail needs, improving your overall customer experience and helping to increase sales
  • Increased Efficiency - Your business can operate more effectively by optimizing employees' time and reducing courier costs
  • Improved Reporting - Expanded views of transactions provide more detailed accounting and reporting capabilities


  1. Subject to credit review and approval.