Fifth Third Network

Access a powerful suite of solutions for sending and receiving image clearing files.

Achieve your image clearing goals and look for ways to reduce operating expenses with Fifth Third’s suite of electronic deposit and check clearing solutions developed especially for member financial institutions.

Take control of your check clearing options.

As a Fifth Third customer, you can take advantage of our technological advances and powerful connections network to send and receive image clearing files. Plus, you'll also have access to our robust archive to reduce the research and resolution of adjustments. And, you can leverage a true end-to-end ATM image deposit solution to enhance your customer's banking experience.

As a Fifth Third Network member, you gain direct access to:

  • A dedicated Financial Institutions Support Team, exclusively focused on assisting financial institutions with daily operations needs
  • The top image clearinghouses, including SVPCO, EndPoint Exchange, and others
  • The 25 largest U.S. financial institutions
  • Access to more image-enabled endpoints: more than 5,000 smaller banks and credit unions representing more than 90% of the total U.S. check payments volume*

With Fifth Third Network's Leading-Edge Check Clearing Services, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced check image processing costs
  • Prompt file processing, because we monitor all network file transmissions to ensure timely processing
  • Minimized duplicate processing and rejected items; our advanced system compares current and previous files to avoid file presentment duplication and evaluates image quality before processing the item.
  • Bottom-line savings from reducing ongoing operating expenses

Explore our Fifth Third Network services below.

Electronic Deposit Manager

Expedite access to funds and help improve check deposit and reconciliation efficiency when you capture receivables remotely through our Electronic Deposit Manager.

ATM Deposit Automation

Use the advanced technology of our ATM Deposit Automation services to help you develop superior image processing and fully integrated deposit solutions.

Image Archive Services

Access archived check images quickly and easily through our Image Archive Services, designed to help reduce costs and keep your institution in compliance.

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