At Fifth Third Bank, Marketing provides the unique insight, perspective and communication expertise necessary to define and differentiate the Bank from our competitors in a meaningful and compelling way, thereby driving customer consideration and, ultimately, profitability. If this type of work appeals to you, consider a career in Marketing at Fifth Third Bank.

If you join us, you will find that we are a team of marketing professionals dedicated to deep customer and market understanding, creative expression that inspires, and continuously learning new and innovative ways to communicate and deepen relationships with customers. We are champions of the Fifth Third Bank brand, forward-looking with respect to both opportunities and risks. We contribute to the bottom line by collaborating with our peers in other functions to bring profitable products and services to market.

In Marketing, we hold ourselves accountable for customer-centric strategic and conceptual thinking, ease of interaction, excellence in practice, and attention to detail. These fundamental principles apply to each of the specific Marketing disciplines outlined below.

Affiliate Marketing Teams
  • Located in each of the affiliate markets, these teams ensure excellence of marketing execution at the local level
  • Responsible for understanding local market dynamics, tracking competitive trends, and recognizing growth opportunities
  • Deliver reputation-building local PR and oversee a slate of appropriate sponsorships and community outreach initiatives
  • Report to Affiliate President
Lines of Business Marketing Teams
  • Comprised of discrete teams which create the marketing strategy and execute the marketing plans for each line of business – Retail, Small Business, Commercial, and Investment Advisors
  • Part of the lines of business leadership team that creates the business objectives and strategies
  • Collaborate with cross-functional peers to deliver strong financial results for that line of business
Corporate Communications Team
  • Manages all internal employee communications, including the company intranet
  • Has primary responsibility for the Bank's reputation, both in the mainstream press and online
  • Owns the company position on key industry and community issues
  • Collaborates with lines of business and affiliate teams to create business-building PR programs
Marketing Centers of Excellence
  • Multicultural Marketing leads the Bank's targeted outreach to diverse consumer audiences
  • Search Engine Marketing works with all lines of business on strategies for accessing consumers online
  • Social Media tracks consumer sentiment and the Bank's presence in the blogosphere
  • Direct Marketing consults on acquisition and loyalty strategies
Creative Services Team
  • A complete in-house creative shop to handle both new ideation and maintenance projects
  • Has primary responsibility for the graphic integrity of all Fifth Third Bank marks and visual equities
  • Collaborates with lines of business and affiliate teams, as well as the Marketing centers of excellence, to bring strategies to life
  • Oversees all aspects of print production
Research and Analytics Team
  • Serves as the Bank's primary source of consumer and customer knowledge
  • Designs and executes numerous research projects, both quantitative and qualitative
  • Provides lines of business and affiliate teams with the syndicated research and reporting necessary for their plans
  • Uses household and appended data to drive a program of ongoing customer communication